Buying Cheap Runner Rugs Could Save Your New Expensive Floor

You may have experienced that sinking feeling you get when you find that someone or something has damaged your brand new floor, especially as it is usually in a very conspicuous area. This happened to a friend of mine and she learnt that it was better to put down a cheap runner rug in strategic places rather than have the floor damaged. There are many cheap rugs UK firms have to offer including cheap runner rugs for hallway and cheap runner rugs for stairs and kitchens.

Outfitting an entire room with a fitted carpet can be very costly, especially if a hardwood floor is being replaced. By using a cheap runner rug the most often walked part of the floor can be covered at a fraction of the cost, enhancing comfort and instantly renovating the space. Due to the removable nature of the runners they are also easily changed or replaced without causing disruption to the entire room.

Cheap runners, rugs and mats are also an excellent way to protect that expensive tile, stone, or hardwood floor, or even to keep people from marking the linoleum. Be sure to put a sheet of plastic carpet gripping between the flooring and the runner. That way, you will have an extra layer of protection between the people walking down the runner and the floor underneath.Some manufacturers that produce runner rugs are focusing on the use of sustainable materials, and offer consumers new options that do not include synthetic products. A major material for these types of runner rugs is small pieces of bamboo, or a similar fibre. Bamboo strips can be woven together into a runner rug that can withstand wear over time and which still may be easily cleaned. Whether you place these cheap runner rugs hallway or kitchen, you can be sure that you will benefit.

Hallway runners not only add to the look of your dcor but can also protect your floor. Runners come in a vast range of sizes and pile types, designs range from timeless traditional to the ever evolving modern ranges or the extra sumptuous shaggy ranges. Most runners are made in matching rug sizes and some ranges can be custom made to your required length.

Measuring steps for custom carpet runners:

Count the number of steps. When ordering a stair runner from a bolt, you can figure 3 feet for every 2 steps, then add 1 foot for pattern match. A good rule for runner sizes: leave 3″-4″ of floor showing on either side of the step for a good stair runner width.For landings, add the total length and total width plus a pattern repeat. Pattern repeats can be found on the back of most stair runner samples.

Whichever style, shape or design you choose even cheap runner rugs will save you money in terms of repairs to a nice new floor. You will save the floor from not only dirt and stains but also from wear and tear which leads to costly damages.