Buy Sensation Yet Practical Rugs

When decorating your house, it is important to use the right kind of rugs at the right places to get the best out of them aesthetically and practically.

Area rugs in general add atmosphere to a room and make them intimate or larger depending on the rug. Area rugs are available in a variety of materials, textures and styles not to mentions colors and shapes. You have the choice to decide the ones that suit you and your home. Whether it is an exotic real animal skin rug, an exquisite Persian rug, a warm natural fiber rug, or homely rag rug, it is all up to you.

In addition some floor rugs are useful for practical reasons. Here are some considerations that you should be mindful about when choosing them.

Hearth or fireplace floor rugs are an almost essential item in every house with a fireplace. Regularly used fireplaces can be dangerous due the flying sparks or logs rolling out. Even if they do not cause a fire they can ruin your floor. Additionally ash from the fire place is sure to stain the floor near it. If the floor is covered in a wall to wall carpet it can be hard to clean. Best method to prevent such annoyances is to place a fire resistant hearth rug near the fireplace. Fireplace floor rugs that suit almost every taste are available.

For outdoor use you should avoid rugs that cannot face extreme weather conditions. Do not use natural fiber area rugs as outdoor rugs. Best out door rugs should be easy to clean using a jet of water.

Almost same requirements apply to kitchen rugs. If there is heavy foot traffic and soiling in kitchen, say due to access to a back garden, it is best that you buy a floor rug that can be cheaply replaced periodically. On the other hand if your kitchen does not come in for heavy use you should make a decoration oriented decision.

For bathroom you should choose a rug that doesn’t get ruined due to water. It should also be easily cleaned with water and resistant to mildew. Keep the bath room rugs clean and dry as much as possible. High friction bathrooms rugs also prevent people from slipping in wet floors.

Nursery rugs are essential for any household with small children. A light weight large floor rug make a portable and safe play area. It should be well padded and comfortable. And as always the rug should be easily cleanable.