Buy a Great Bed for Fido

Some people get a dog and figure the easiest thing to do is to let him share their bed. If you’d rather he sleep somewhere else, though, you’re going to want to give him a comfortable place to sleep. It’s a lot easier to train your furry friend to sleep in his own bed if it’s a spot where he feels comfortable and safe. There are a few considerations that you should keep in mind, though, as you browse listings and look at pet beds for large Dogs.

Larger dogs are more likely to develop arthritis than small ones. This is somewhat dependent on breed, though, so it can be helpful to have a sense of your pet’s ancestry. Common breeds like German shepherds and rottweilers often develop problems in their hips, for example. As you’re shopping, then, you should consider buying something that uses orthopedic foam that’s designed for dogs who have joint problems. That way, even if your dog doesn’t yet have symptoms, he has something that will suit him for years and you won’t have to think about buying a replacement bed down the line.

It’s also important to think about how much space your pet needs. Some large dogs like to sleep curled up tightly, while others prefer to stretch out and take up all of the space that they can get. This will affect how much space the bed really needs to offer to make sure that your pet will be able to sleep however is most comfortable for him. Some dogs even prefer beds with raised sides, that give them a more secure and enclosed feeling.

Choosing the right bed for your dog is a big step toward being able to keep him off of your furniture during the day and out of your bed at night. Provide your pet with a comfortable place to relax, and he’ll be a better companion. You’ll also feel a lot better about spending time relaxing in the evenings while he rests nearby, knowing that you’ve made sure that he has a nice place to lie down and be with his family.