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The Process Of Building Restoration When it comes to building restoration, this process is done to a building wherein its fabric or the structure has to be refurbished and renewed. This term has many subtopics that come under it, which include works similar to cleaning the outer or inner portions of the building, reconstructing damaged portions and so forth. Believe it or not, the White House in the US has undergone major restoration projects from the period of 1985 to 1989 to which all layers of paints in the walls were removed. With regards for exterior sandstone walls, these were cleaned and repaired. In order for the building and other structures and establishments to live longer, it is requiring proper maintenance. In recent times, when pollution levels in the globe has increased because of rapid industrialization, the need for maintaining and restoring buildings either historical or modern era has increased as well. It isn’t as though just bigger buildings need the restoration but even normal residential homes are requiring proper care as well. This makes building restoration process important not just in commercial settings but in residential homes as well. The procedure for the building restoration is so much different from regular annual maintenance of building and it will depend on what possibilities and requirements have to be met, together with current state of the structure. Even though there are lots of facets to it, there are 3 major kinds of restoration works that has to be followed.
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For the first type, it is only about cleaning the building. As for this procedure, it involves the process of cleaning the outer face of the building, which is especially needed in cities that suffered major brunt of pollution. There are many types of buildings that are made up of sandstones, granite or other kinds of marbles that have lost their shine and quality because of smog and as a result, it has turned out to look black.
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For the second type, it is all about repairing the building and in this procedure, the masonry of building that’s been affected severely or is destroyed by the pollution and acid rains is reinstalled and repaired. Last but definitely not the least, this is where the total reconstruction of the building portion is carried out. Usually, this is taking place with old buildings that have weaker structures or those that have been destroyed by natural calamities similar to hurricanes, earthquakes and so forth. These types of works are carried out under the supervision of experts so by that, the building restoration that’s done will be correct and will last long.