Brenoco Launches, Offering Bold, Beautiful, Nature-Inspired Cushion Covers


LONDON — With bold, beautiful designs inspired by the striking shapes and sights of the natural world, Brenoco has launched at Founded by an accomplished Cushion cover designer in the UK, the new site already showcases four distinct collections, all of which are expected to be available through Amazon by the end of February. Visitors are invited to make reservations now by sending a note to Brenoco through the form on the site’s “Contact Us” page.

“Having worked for so long to make this happen, I couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of Brenoco,” company founder and sole designer Brenda O’Connor said, “With our products now in production and slated to show up at our Amazon storefront at the end of the month, we’re thrilled to be able to offer this sneak peek into what we are about. Early response to our designs has been highly positive and enthusiastic, so we encourage those wanting their own cushion covers to get in touch with us to place pre-orders.”

While studying art with the goal of obtaining a General Certificate of Secondary Education in the subject, the young O’Connor came to understand how deeply she valued expressing herself in this way. The realities and demands of life forced her to turn to other things for a time, even while the seed was planted, as she struck out into the fitness and retail industries to make a living.

Taking a year-long sabbatical to focus on her infant son, O’Connor was able to return to her longtime passion for art. The response to her output from those close to her was immediate and avid, with family and friends alike commending her feeling for vivid, striking color and her ability to translate natural sources of inspiration into bold, beautiful designs.

Committed to making art more accessible and available to people everywhere as she pursued her own self-expression, O’Connor looked for ways to meld its rewards into the fabric of everyday life. That drive led her to an intensive study of surface pattern design, fruitful work that furnished the final piece necessary for the realization of her longtime dream.

With the launch of Brenoco, O’Connor’s passion takes a concrete, tangible form, putting her bold, striking artistic vision at the service of any who might enjoy it. The brand-new site includes images of the dozens of unique cushion covers, each springing from an original sketch, that make up the four inaugural Brenoco collections. With the covers to be available at by the end of February, visitors are encouraged to reserve their own through the site’s “Contact Us” page and to stay tuned for new products to come.

About Brenoco Ltd:
Art is everywhere and for everyone, and Brenoco brings it home. With bold, striking designs that reflect the splendor and charms of nature, Brenoco delivers the vision of founder and designer Brenda O’Connor in the form of uniquely beautiful cushion covers and other products.