Bissell Spot Lifter For Your Carpet

All those small messes we have on our carpet from time to time can be bothersome. It’s not a problem to use a carpet cleaner if we have to clean all carpets and rugs in our home. But what to do if there is only one stain that is so visible you have to get rid of it now? This is where Bissell Spot Lifter cordless cleaner jumps in. With this little green machine you can remove those little accidents in a minute and with as little hassle as possible.

If you have used Bissell cleaning products before, you know how easy it is to perform cleaning activities. Spot Lifter will provide same service – it will save you some time and you will keep your good mood when cleaning your home. Besides that, you will save money because Bissell Spot Lifter is cheaper then you can imagine, only 39$.

The principle of work is really simple, powerful water spraying on the carpet and then removing the dirt with suction action is what’s it all about. There are rotary brushes who are cleaning those stubborn spots, destroying them with the help of water and solution so Spot Lifter can clean them up with suction and store it in his container. You will finish cleaning in no time, and that is how Bissell Spot Lifter Powerbrush will pay itself off. You will have more time to spend with your family and enjoy free time.

Spot Bot has modern design, his plastic parts are made of sturdy materials, yet they are attractive to look at. More important, Spot Bot can fit into big and small hands for comfortability. Yu just need to take it of the station and start cleaning. The station itself serves as battery charger, since this cleaning machine is battery operated. You can put the mounting plate on the wall, somewhere where you can reach it in case you need to use Spot Lifter.

It’s easy to maintain this appliance, you will have to empty dirt collection container and fill solution container from time to time. They are easily disconnected from Spot Lifter so you can clean then after use. And those containers are transparent, so you know when is the right time to empty or fill them.

Goal number one for Spot Lifter is to clean stains that are just to small for regular carpet cleaners, one of them being Bissell Flip It. All you have to to is pick up this appliance from mounting plate, spray the solution on the stain and vacuum the whole thing into the container.

Keep in mind that you have to keep Spot Lifter all the way down to the surface you are cleaning. By doing that, you will make sure Spot Lifter will vacuum stain, water and solution all the way through. The your carpet will remain clean, without trace of stain or water. And everytime you are done with cleaning your carpet, make sure you wash the squeegee because the substances you vacuum can stick together and then they are hard to break up again. That way you will have Spot Lifter serve you a long time.