Benefits Of A Part Time Content Writer

Why part time content writing?

A part time content writer is one who is not on active payroll of a particular company and works as a freelancer on short term assignments based on the subject competency and remuneration attached to it. It is a boon for many who wish to design their own schedule and want to work from home.

Online Content Writing – A rage amongst literary artists

As companies are increasingly looking towards online marketing and outsourcing of their content writing services, the need to hire quality content writers has increased manifolds and currently online writing jobs are quite a rage amongst freelancers who want to work from home or wish to work with flexible schedules. There is a high demand for online writing and editing jobs and companies across major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata are actively seeking creative content writers who can be engaged part time or on a regular basis. A good command over language, ability to draft a catchy title, effective storytelling and sound understanding of the topic are the key skills for effective article writing.

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How to join the bandwagon?

Various websites like ‘Contentmart’ provide budding and professional writers with a platform to connect with different clients, select articles based on interest and expertise, check the viability of the associated compensation, review the timelines and bid for orders. Once selected, the writers get a confirmation stating that the order has been granted and the deadline by which the order needs to be completed. Post acceptance of the completed order, the writer is awarded with a rating for his / her timeline adherence and content quality. A good rating acts as a booster for attracting more orders in future. Also, the writer has the opportunity to work with the same client next time if the client is happy with the quality of work. As a part time content writer, one also has the option to pursue other areas of interest in their spare time, thus leading to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. There is no dearth of online writing jobs on these portals and the writer has the convenience of spacing out his / her work as per existing priorities and commitments.

Online writing jobs – A dream come true for many

The fact that there is no fixed target for the number of orders that need to be completed in a specific duration is enticing for many writers as they have a choice to space out their earning as per their schedule. Added to this, the user friendly interface makes it easy for the writer and the purchaser to find each other. Gone are the days when housewives, mothers etc. had to depend on their husband’s income solely as they were unable to step out of their homes due to family obligations. Online writing jobs are truly a blessing for these wordsmiths who have the flair to write and are willing to contribute as per their availability or convenience.