Ben Franklin Plumbing Launches Trenchless Repair Benefits Awareness Campaign


(DeKalb , Illinois)– Based on year-old reports from authorities within the plumbing industry, average sewer line repair projects carried out using traditional methods can potentially run homeowners $5,000 or more beyond basic remediation costs. This price surge leaves a number of consumers searching the market for more cost-effective alternatives. In light of this development, a spokesperson for Ben Franklin Plumbing Northern Illinois ( has launched a campaign to better inform area residents of the benefits of trenchless sewer repair.

Said the company spokesperson, “We’re the northern Illinois area’s leaders in sewer repair, and our team specializes in trenchless technology and techniques. We’ve been offering this service here in the greater Chicago area for more than 14 years. That’s not combined experience; it’s actual years of training and installation. Despite the many advantages of no-dig repairs and the widespread use of these methods, it has recently come to our attention very few home and property owners are aware this option is available to them. We hope to change that.”

According to the previously-mentioned report, additional expenses associated with conventional strategies stem from post-repair restoration of streets, paved driveways, sidewalks and other hardscape or landscape features. Though per-foot costs of trenchless repairs were considerably higher than traditional techniques during this technology’s early days on the market, this aspect has leveled off over the years. Both pipe bursting and pipe lining now fall into price ranges comparable to those of more invasive approaches.

Trenchless techniques entail creating either a single or double access hole through which repairs will be implemented. Pipe lining, or cured-in-place pipe, is a repair method in which a flexible pipe is pulled through the existing one and left to harden, eliminating leaks and cracks. Pipe bursting, another widely used trenchless tactic, is carried out by simultaneously installing a new pipe and breaking away its damaged counterpart. Further information can be found at

Concluded the Ben Franklin spokesperson, “We’ve performed hundreds upon hundreds of trenchless repair projects over the years and have been a certified Perma Liner Platinum Installer Member since 2009. Our work comes with a lifetime warranty as well as the experience, efficiency and professionalism for which our company has become known. On top of that, customers gain the added benefit of not having a great deal of out-of-pocket follow-up repairs to deal with. We encourage anyone in the northern Illinois region in need of our services to contact us for a free estimate.”

Questions and estimate requests may be presented by phone or submitted via the form provided at

About Ben Franklin Plumbing Northern Illinois:

Offering the full array of plumbing services, Ben Franklin Plumbing of northern Illinois provides around-the-clock repairs. The company is bonded, licensed and fully insured while granting customers the benefit of extensive industry experience.

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