Beam Saw

Beam saw is a type of woodworking machine that is intended to process wood. It is generally used for cutting sheets into sized parts.

Enjoying international market leadership on cut to size technology the Homag-India continuously provides to the customers with advantages in favor of their progress, expansion or diversification. Particularly in this trade, the variety of universal application is an ever increasing necessity. This demands absolutely up-to-date CNC technology, flexible control systems and reliable software solutions.

Homag-India is now providing various types of beam saw machines, such as

1.HKL 11
2.HKL 380
3.HPL 11
4.HPL 380
5.HPP 11
6.HPP 180
7.HPP 230
8.HPP 250
9.HPP 350
10.HPP 380

The HKL 11, is the newly developed “central side pressure device”. This feature further increases the speed of the machine and so naturally also the output. This new side pressure device working directly at the cutting gap now makes it possible – for the first time ever – to square and cut thin laminates and plastic materials with control pressure regulation.

In the first place, naturally, the classical user of small, compact angular saws with average-to-high cutting capacities. And now an increasing number of workshops using single saws with average production capacities that want, in future, to profit from the advantages of the budget-priced, space-saving HKL 11 without having to accept a reduction in their flexibility of choice of panel materials and applications.

The HKL 380 angular plant is the top model in the 3 series designed for small batches, bulk and high precision in continuous operation. The plant cuts single panels as accurately as entire books of panels. Fully-automatically and with lasting reliability.

The profiline version of the HKL 380 is ready for integration in large-scale plants and allows a high degree of automation.

If you want to have the edge over your competitors you need a panel saw of unrivalled efficiency: reliability and high throughput at a competitive price. These are the strengths of HOLZMA’s new HPP 180. A machine that meets the highest industry standards at a low price. 40 years of experience, the know-how of the entire Homag-India Group along with first-rate technical guidance and comprehensive customer support ensure fast return on investment.

The HPP 250 is the champion among the small, horizontal beam saw. A successful model that stands for sound performance and excellent price-performance ratio. Even the standard version of the HPP 250 offers much higher performance and more flexibility than its smaller sister. With its short machine cycles it is first choice for fast machining of small batches and books. The many optional extras leave plenty of scope for more.

1.Variable to suit available space, and individual thanks to three different cutting lengths
2.The perfect match for your needs: with optional extras such as post forming, grooving and many more

For joineries and small/medium sized furniture manufacturers, this beam saw machine sets absolutely new standards in technique, technology and profitability.

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