Be Creative- 5 Different Kinds Of Console Table

Though console tables are themselves a general category of furniture, there is not only one type. Console tables come in many different shapes and sizes and are used for different furnishing purposes. In terms of size, shape, style, and colour, console tables vary greatly. From a utilitarian perspective some are better suited to certain uses than others. Stylistically there is also a sense of variety.

When buying a console table, it is important that it work on both the level of function and dcor. The goal is try to get it to mesh well with the style of a room as well as the size and layout of the space in which it will be integrated. The following are 5 different types of console tables along with some creative uses to which they can be put:


We could say that a general category of console tables are classic or antique console tables. These tables are often made of finished hardwood, sport well routered legs and corners, have detailed inlays and ornamental designs, and so forth. These types of console tables work well in indoor environments of a classic sort. If you have an old Victorian house, for instance, you may want to use a classic or antique console table in it. This is by no means set in stone – you can also use a classic table in a modern sort of environment. Just be aware of the effect it creates. If you are not going for a match on the level of modernity of style you may wish to match colours. For instance a classic looking reddish mahogany console table might go well in a red and brown themed modern room.


There are a huge variety of modern style console tables available. Again, you may wish to incorporate these into a modern indoor environment. Or you might put them in a more classic indoor setting but match colours or something about the form of the table to the dcor. The choice is always up to you, but the point is to be aware that some kind of integration and matching should occur. Some modern console table designs are really funky and strange. Feel free to get as far out as you wish with a console table and to create an eye catching indoor setting using them. Just because console tables have been in use of a long time does not mean you need to see them as traditional.

Entrance Console Table

Beyond these large general stylistic categories, there are well known console table uses that also affect their form and construction. Entrance console tables are often used near doors. These are usually larger than some other types and sport a larger amount of table top space. Use these tables near all kinds of entrance ways as places to put items like keys, umbrellas, and even coats. You can also put decorative items on them.

Sofa Console Table

A sofa console table is generally used in back of a sofa and is not to be confused with an end table. These tables tend to be on the larger side like entrance console tables. They may accommodate lamps or other living room or den items.

Hallway Console Tables

Hallways console tables are usually smaller and narrower so that they do not block up the space in hallways. They are useful in hallways as well as any other area that has somewhat limited space. Again they may be used for utilitarian as well as decorative items and serve as good surfaces and attractive furniture without being too obtrusive.