Bathroom Mats and Rugs Provide Warmth, Comfort and Safety

We know that most accidents happen in the home and after the kitchen the bathroom is one room where many of these incidents take place. The most common problem is slipping on a wet floor, especially after a shower. This is why so many people decide to use somekeyword which are placed around the room. When it comes to bathroom mats rugs are slightly different, as in their composition and purpose. A bath mat is a mat used in the bathroom. The two types of bath mats are the kind that is placed inside the bathtub and the kind that is placed just outside the bathtub. The first type is used to prevent slipping in the tub, while the second type absorbs water from the body after the bath or shower and helps prevent slipping as well as water damage to the floor.

The bath mat made to use outside the tub often has a rubber backing to help secure it to the floor. Its surface is usually cut or looped pile that may be quite thick and plush. The colour range is wide and shapes vary, but most are rectangular or oblong. A terry towel bath mat may not have a rubber backing and is more like a very thick towel that absorbs the water from the feet and helps keep excess water off the floor. Whether rubber-backed or not, a bath mat should be hung up over the tub or somewhere else after use so that air can circulate underneath the mat to avoid mildew.

You will not find many houses which have fully carpeted bathrooms, although I have lived in a couple of places where they did, and this is due to the fact that a carpet is not practical in a bathroom. This is because it starts to smell when it gets wet and the dampness lasts a long time. Tile and linoleum are easier to clean and wipe up, and are basically better at managing the potential water risks presented by the shower, sink and toilet. This is where you will find that bathroom rugs sets come into their own and make life easier.

One of the main reasons for placing bathroom rug sets in there is the danger inherent when stepping out of the shower with wet feet onto a smooth, slippery surface like linoleum. With one of those rugs in effect you can confidently step out of the shower, even with wet feet, and not have to fret about slipping. Make sure you get a bath rug with an anti-skid surface on the bottom. Another benefit to stepping onto a rug from the shower is the facility to step onto something soft.

In this way you will find that somekeyword will provide your home with warmth, comfort and the added benefit of safety. These bathroom rug setscan also add style to your home and you can mix and match with the other various accessories which are in your bathroom.