Are You a Budding Woodworker or a Seasoned Veteran?

Have you ever heard of the New York Adirondack Mountains or an Adirondack chair? Long ago, in 1903, a fellow was on vacation in Westport, New York. Apparently there was a shortage of chairs at his summer home. Being an industrious fellow, he began work on some chairs. He made a very simple, comfortable chair with just eleven wooden planks of wood. With winter coming on, he left the plans for the chairs with another man who did woodworking so he could earn some money through the long winter.

This man saw a potential in the chairs. He knew people visiting their summer homes in Westport would want the exact chairs. At first, they were even called Westport plank chairs. Unbeknownst to the original maker, the woodworker he gave the plans to, received a patent on the chair and made them his own. Through the years, another woodworker has expounded on the design and received a patent for making an original design, even better, just as people do today. The chairs are relatively easy to make and can be made by a do it yourselfer, whose familiar with woodworking, in one weekend afternoon. The chairs are very comfortable and can be painted to match porches, shutters or garages to bring out the beauty of them sitting in the yard on a spring, summer or fall day.

If you’re familiar with woodworking already, you’ll have no trouble reading and following the Adirondack chair woodworking plans. If not, you’re really going to benefit from the plans because they’re easy to follow and understand. One nice thing about ordering plans from a person who is experienced and has built every kind of wooden chair, birdhouse, rocker, swing, gazebo or bench you can imagine, is that he/she knows his/her business and can teach you how to do it. When you receive some seller’s software, there may be as high as sixteen thousand plans available that you can learn to make.

If you’re innovative and get going on your woodworking skills, you’ll be making Adirondack swings, rockers, loveseats, and every other sort of chair you can think of, as the sky is the limit. Along with the chairs, you can make picnic tables, decks, porches, beautiful fences, a trellis for roses and clematis and other finely crafted woodworking.