Answering FAQ’s About NeriumAD

The market is wide open for those interested in peddling skin care products. This is because people are racing at a fever pitch to try to salvage their youth as much as possible. One of the major manufacturers of skin care products is Nerium International, a company with locations and holdings throughout the United States. The company got its name from the plant Nerium oleander which grows over in southeast Asia and the Mediterranean area. The extract from this plant is combined with other skin care agents to make the popular product which is being sold as NeriumAD.

Because of the hype of a lot of skin care products, people are wary about trying some creams, particularly if they feel like the product may have some side effects. Concerning NeriumAD, similar questions have arisen. These are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

  • It is natural to wonder if the product has been found safe for the skin. There has been testing for possible allergic reactions.
  • For those that wonder about the product being a moisturizer as a lot of creams are designed for. The NeriumAD nighttime application cream is not a moisturizer, but the daytime version is.
  • People that have problem skin such as acne have a natural concern as to whether or not NeriumAD will work for them or cause further problems. NeriumAD products were not made as a treatment for problem skin. Their primary application are as cosmetics. Areas of the skin should be tested to ensure there are no further complications to the skin by using it.
  • Contrary to misinformation, NeriumAD is safe around children and pets. The concerns about the Nerium oleander plant and its toxicity are not an issue for the products and every measure has been taken to ensure its safety in the skin care products.

NeriumAD products all fall under the line of cosmetics. As such, the FDA does not get involved in approving or rejecting the product. There are no issues around using cosmetics that you would have to worry about. If you interested in finding out more about the potential NeriumAD has for its skin rejuvenating properties, visit Nerium International’s website,