An Innovative Home Cleaning Device Helps Homeowners Stay Self-Sufficient

While mops and enough elbow grease can help keep hardwood and tile floors nice and clean, things become more difficult when it comes to carpet. At that point, most homeowners feel resigned to bringing in professional help, with a few of the more ambitious renting their own steam-cleaning machines. In fact, though, there are some economical, effective devices out there that can allow consumers to clean their own carpets and rugs, as well as do a better, easier job on their other sorts of floors. The Shark Duo is one such machine and a fairly impressive one at that.

First things first: this machine is not a steam cleaner, relying instead on replaceable, interchangeable pads to scrub away stains from every sort of floor surface. This is a positive thing insofar as it removes the worry about hot steam possibly marring certain materials, but it may leave some wondering about how well the device is actually capable of cleaning. That turns out not to be such a concern, as will be seen in a bit.

In addition to being equipped with this microfiber cleaning pad, the machine has a built-in reservoir for holding a proprietary cleaning agent. This gel-like substance is automatically applied to the device’s cleaning pads as directed, with users only needing to monitor the progress of the cleaning action below in order to figure out when to ask for more.

This reasonably straight-forward system works quite well, too. It does a spectacular job on hardwood and tile, scrubbing away stains that resist even intense focus from a mop or cleaning brushes. It’s certainly a lot easier to use than such methods, too, as it does virtually all of the work, not needing anything from its user other than a little guidance.

Most will be wondering, however, how the machine performs on carpet, as that’s where homeowners are most often left feeling helpless. The answer to that question turns out to be just as about as positive, perhaps surprisingly. The machine is able to scrub away stains and dirty from even fairly deep pile carpets without much problem at all, making it easy to get by without the services of professionals.