All Natural Pet Bath Time

If you’re a pet owner and you’re being completely honest, bath time is probably one of your least favorite activities to do with your dog. Whether you have a giant mastiff to bathe or a petite poodle, most dogs aren’t too fond of getting soaking wet and scrubbed down with shampoo, so they make it hard for their owners to actually get it done. If your dog knew what was in his shampoo, he’d probably run for the hills while he still could. An alarming number of shampoos and coat treatments that are designed specifically for dogs contain ingredients that have been shown to promote cancer and cause numerous other health problems. Even some human products contain these ingredients since it’s not technically illegal, but if you wouldn’t use it on yourself, don’t use it on your dog.

There are a number of Natural Pet Care products that can be used to successfully clean your dog and leave him smelling…well, better than he smells now. Shampoos that rely on naturally occurring herbs to cut oil and clean the scalp are much healthier than the chemically manufactured products that are commonly available in grocery stores, and while they may be marginally more expensive, you’ll save in the end because you won’t have expensive vet bills from treating an illness that was brought on by chemical components. There are even simple ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen that can be used to help clean your dog up. Baking soda is always a popular option and can be used to absorb oil from his coat, or swished into bath water and poured over him to reduce itchiness. Apple cider vinegar is also a safe choice to cut oil and give him a brilliant shine; just be careful to keep it away from puppy eyes as it will sting.

There are a multitude of options for natural pet care and you can find out more at Natural Pet Health – NHV Natural Pet Products. Don’t be content to use fake, synthetic products on your best friend when there are countless affordable products that are completely safe and natural.