Affordable Bathroom Vanities and Your Rental Property

Is it time to update your rental property? Are you looking for the right affordable bathroom vanities? The best ones will feature a modern design and storage. Though other styles of vanities are beautiful, for investment purposes, the majority of renters will often prefer modern over country, rustic or other options. Further, you can save money and view the best selections at Luxury Living Direct.

After you take your measurements, you will be ready to shop. You do not want to purchase anything that is too big for the room or that is too small. If space will allow, a good investment is in double sink vanities for the master bathroom. Renters look for these details when they tour properties. Further, by explaining that you have a modern double sink vanity in the master bathroom in your marketing material, you may bring in more traffic to your open houses. This means you could rent your property out faster thanks to the right upgrades in the bathroom.

The prices of vanities vary, and you will note that most are discounted when you shop. This means that a vanity that you thought was once out of reach could very well fit within your budget. So, do not be afraid to look a variety of options before narrowing down your choices. After you have found the right vanity at the right price, you can continue to shop for a coordinating mirror or for whatever else you may need.

Once the bathroom has been completed, you will need to take several pictures of it. Next, post them online and in your print campaign. Let everyone know that you have just remodeled the bathroom. This will put you ahead of your competition that did not remodel a bathroom. Further, in many cases, you will be able to ask for higher rent thanks to doing this type of remodel. However, before you decide on a rental price, it is important to get an experienced real estate agent’s opinion. He will know what the market is doing in your area, and what type of return on your investment you are looking at.