Advantages to Vinyl Flooring

There are many advantages to using sheet vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl flooring is one of the finest choices because it is has long lasting quality and is very affordable. Sheet vinyl looks great in bathrooms, kitchens and in office spaces and is a very durable option for flooring. Sheet vinyl comes in various designs, colors and types and the prices of sheet vinyl depend on the quality and material used in the manufacturing process. Here are a few more details about the characteristics of sheet vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl is made of polyvinyl chloride called PVC and is made of engineered products instead of original material and is very similar to linoleum, but is more durable. Because of the durability of sheet vinyl and its proven track record, it can be used in commercial areas like offices and shopping malls as well as in residential areas like bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. There are basically two types of vinyl. One is called printed vinyl and the other is inlaid vinyl. Printed vinyl is a thinner sheet vinyl and has a coating of printed-paper on the back for easy installation. It is cheaper in cost than the inlaid vinyl and is less durable. The inlaid vinyl is thicker in sheet strength and is more expensive, but can also be installed in sheets as well as rolls. Both vinyl types are available on the market in form of sheets as well as tiles. Another one of the advantages of sheet vinyl is that it costs less than other types of flooring and is long lasting and easy to maintain. It is highly resistant to moisture and this quality makes it the best option for the bathrooms and kitchen flooring. It can be great flooring for heavy traffic areas like offices, shopping centers and schools and its underlay gives comfort to your feet and adds insulation. Choosing the right sheet vinyl for your space has never been so easy. You can head down to your local home improvement center and check out their great displays on vinyl. With so many colors, styles and designs to choose from, you should easily be able to find a vinyl to match your home or office area. Sheet vinyl has a 3-7 year warranty using the manufactures suggestions. You will want to be sure and measure the surface are that you will be covering with sheet vinyl so that you purchase the right amount of sheet vinyl. There is nothing more frustrating than to get to the end of a job and run out of material. It is also important to make sure that you have enough material from the same die lot so that your flooring all matches up and has the same coloring. Because you are laying your sheet vinyl in sheets, if you purchased sheets at different times, you could end up with different die lots. With so many great advantages to sheet vinyl, you will be pleased with your purchase and will save money by installing your sheet vinyl yourself.