Advantages of Using an Auto Transport Service When Moving

An auto transport service provides some distinct advantages when people are moving across the country and have more than one vehicle. A primary advantage is that everyone in the family can travel together in the same car instead of someone having to drive the second one. The licensed drivers can take turns giving one another a break if the second car is being brought by a transport company. They can safely travel more miles in a day than might otherwise be the case.

Another advantage is avoiding racking up mileage on the second vehicle. Moving across country can mean traveling more than 2,000 miles; vehicle owners may want to avoid putting all those extra miles on both cars. In some cases, they have to avoid it because they’re leasing a car or pickup truck. Going over a certain number of miles means they have to pay a mileage fee to the dealership when they turn the vehicle back in.

Auto shipping also helps people delay required maintenance. By the time the family arrives at their destination, the car they drove will be nearly due for an oil change. A related advantage is that the risk of any damage occurring to the car is substantially lower when it’s being delivered by an auto shipping company compared with it being on the road for 2,000 or more miles. It’s especially convenient to have a shipper deliver the car if the weather might be dicey. Traveling through the mountains or the northeast part of the country in the winter, for example, risks having to drive through snow or on icy roads.

In addition, one car may already have high mileage and the family may use it mainly to run around town. They may not entirely trust it to travel so far without developing a problem. In contrast, the vehicle to be shipped might be a classic car or another highly valuable model. The owner likes to keep it close to home and doesn’t use it to travel long distances. This type of vehicle probably should be shipped in an enclosed trailer to keep it perfectly safe. For instance, there’s no chance of it being dinged by a stone flung from a heavy construction truck.