Add Value to your Home with an In Ground Swimming Pool

Not only will owning a swimming pool be beneficial for your health but it will improve your homes value. The easiest way to increase your homes property value is to build a swimming pool. However, it all depends on the professionalism of your pool contractor, the design of your pool, and the type of pool you choose to build.

The climate you live in also is a factor of your homes property value with a swimming pool. In colder climates it would make more sense to build an indoor swimming pool, that way you can use it all year round. In warmer climates, such as Arizona, it would be beneficial to build an outdoor pool. You can also add a swimming pool heater to your pool so it can be used in the cooler months of the year.

Swimming pools naturally add beauty to a home. If you live in an area in which every home around you has a swimming pool, then the value of your home will be decrease. However, this works both ways. If no one in your area owns a swimming pool, your home will be worth a lot more than the others. This is a very important element to consider if you ever plan on selling your home.
Having an in ground swimming pool will increase your homes value more than an above ground due to the fact that they are more aesthetically appealing and you have the ability to be more creative with the design. It is important to think about the appropriate materials based on the structure of your yard.

Vinyl-lined pools are a great option if you do not plan on using your pool through the winter since it is not meant to be permanent. Vinyl-lined pools will require more maintenance since it will have to be drained and covered every winter along with periodically changing the liners.

Fiberglass pools will really increase your homes value since they tend to attract potential buyers the most because they are more affordable, durable, and visually appealing. Fiberglass pools also require less maintenance since you dont have to resurface or replace liners. They have an inert composition that helps inhibit algae formation which will lower the use and cost of chemicals.

Concrete, also referred to gunite, swimming pools are great for creating custom designs since they can adapt to unusual shapes. Having a unique swimming pool design has an advantage on the value of your home in the real estate market, especially if your home is competing with other swimming pool homes. Concrete pools are also very durable in which you will only need to replace the plaster layer every 10-15 years.

Building a swimming pool provides you with the opportunity to have your very own backyard paradise with will overall increase your homes value. If you are looking to build or remodel a swimming pool, Presidential Pools and Spas will assist you every step of the way, starting with a tour of our swimming pool park in Gilbert, Arizona.