Add Class And Panache To Your Floorings With Flotex Carpet Tiles

Flotex carpet tiles are in vogue nowadays as they are rapidly gaining popularity amongst the masses for a number of advantages they possess over the regular flooring options. Different varieties of these carpet tiles are excessively used in the flooring of commercial complexes like hospitals, shops, shopping complexes, offices, restaurants, five star hotels, gymnasiums, and other such places. Besides being excessively used in commercial establishments, these tiles are now being used for residential carpeting as well.

In an ideally shorter span, Flotex has gained much recognition and esteem in the country. Following is a brief discussion on some of the properties of Flotex carpets that adds to their rising demand:

User Friendly

While installing new floorings or refurbishing old ones, one of the most important things considered by people before doing so is the user-friendly appeal of the product. You can easily find a large number of options and choices in the market, but when it comes to maintenance and other such aspects, Flotex definitely possess an edge over other products available in the same category. Being completely waterproof, they can be easily cleaned with a regular mopping and cleaning routine. This feature also makes then stain resistant as the toughest of stains can be easily removed with little cleaning efforts. Some of the leading companies installing Flotex carpets like CCIL offer anti-microbial treatment Sanitization that makes them resistant against bacteria, including MRSA, E-coli and the development of dust mites.

Eco Friendly

Flotex carpet tiles are good to the environment as well. The back side of this tile is made of recycled material adding to the environment friendly aspect of the product. As more and more people are drifting towards environment friendly products and services, these carpet tiles are becoming immensely popular amongst the masses.

Practical approach

Flotex carpets are extremely practical and convenient to use. The product has numerous features that make them a preferred choice over other options of flooring. They have a slip resistant surfacing that makes them prefect for commercial and residential usage. Unlike walking on other floors, you would experience a much better grip while walking on Flotex carpet tiles. They are also known for reducing noise of the footsteps while people are walking over it. All these properties make them the most preferred options.


Flotex is available in a variety of designs and colors ranging from simple, stylish to elegant ones. You can easily style your homes and offices in the most vibrant and chic manner using these tiling options. Whether you are fond of loud / classy or modern designing standards, you will always find the most appropriate match for your requirements.

Besides being eco-friendly and possessing features that it make it extremely convenient and practical to use, Flotex carpet tiles are easily available in a wide variety of colors and styles in the market. If you have been planning to remodel your home or office, you should consider this carpet tiling for adding a touch of class and panache to your floors.