A Simple Plan: Services


Moving to a new place is usually nerve-racking and costly. In the midst of the laborious and baffling process of moving, one thing you should take note of is that the mover from the moving company do not rip you off. There are many complaints against several moving companies involved in overcharging, embezzlement and damage to property. Before entrusting your belongings to people you don’t know, you must first exhaust all efforts to research which of the moving companies in your neighbourhood is the best to hire. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right moving company which services you should hire.

Survey all moving companies in your neighbourhood and screen them for quality and reliability – The first thing to do when looking for a moving company is to search the Internet or ask your friends for any suggestions, referrals or even advices on which to avoid and not to hire. Aside from that, you can also verify with your local or state regulator for any information that may be significant to your search.

Request for an estimate from every moving company in your list – Pro moving companies often persist on making an inspection of the work to be done in order for them to give a reasonable estimate for the cost of their services. They check out the site, perform a quick inventory of your belongings to ascertain the extent of work to be done, and only offer a quote after these are done. Capricious moving companies, instead give quotes even before they have any data about the work to be done. You should be vigilant when dealing with this kind of moving company. Later on, they will add on extra surcharges for those services. Once you are studying the estimates given by different moving companies, see to it that you are comparing oranges to oranges.

Take note of the insurance offered – When a mover from the moving company loses or damages the belongings of a client, they are accountable for it by law. The law obliges moving companies to acquire an insurance akin to a third-party insurance. The insurance will provide the funds for the compensation of the client in case of accidents during the moving process. Fishy moving companies often accept clients even if they have not acquired the required insurance. To stay away from these companies, ask for a proof that they have secured the necessary insurance and review what are excluded from it. Clients are offered different levels of coverage by moving companies. If you opt not to pay extra for insurance coverage, then you will get the baseline protection, which means 60 cents for each pound of belonging lost or damaged.

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