A Kitchen Blender System That Can Do It All

Eating food that is as healthy as possible has never been more popular. Lots of people want to be able to make quick, healthy drinks at home. Others want to be able to make their own sauces, dips, soups and other foods themselves, without all the added ingredients that are found in many store bought items. Many more people are finding out just how easy it is to make their own peanut butter or other butters made from nuts, without the expense of the ones sold at the health food stores, and without any added sugar or other ingredients they don’t want.

All of this is easy to do if you own the right blender. Yes, just a blender. You won’t need to have a big food processor sitting on your counter. You can make all of these with just one appliance, and in just minutes. With the right blender, which means you will need a motor that is powerful enough to grind and blend those nuts into a smooth butter, and the right blades, you can even use the same blender to grind your own meat for hamburgers, and use it to knead pizza or bread dough and mix cookie dough.

This is why Ninja refers to the ninja bl770 as a kitchen system. It just isn’t fair to call this a simple blender when it can do so much. Any of these things can be done with a quick change from the blending blade to the chopping and mixing blade. Chop a whole head of lettuce in seconds for tacos. Give the large container a quick wash and change the blade, then you are ready to mix frozen drinks to go with dinner.

You get the two blades, the large blending container and two sixteen ounce containers that are perfect for single servings of smoothies or milkshakes. They will even include caps for the smaller containers so you can take your drink and go. They all clean up in the dishwasher, so you won’t have to worry about doing them by hand. If you need some ideas for what you can make with this powerful system, they even include a recipe book for you. All of this for a price you can afford and more room on your counter. Creating healthy meals doesn’t get any better than this.