A Guide to Utensils in Cutlery Sets

Cutlery sets can either be basic and minimalistic, or incredibly extensive. If you like to entertain or are interested in cooking gourmet dishes, you might be interested in learning more about the utensils commonly included in cutlery sets, including some speciality items that can make all the difference in your kitchen.

Fork, Spoon, Knife These are the pieces that form the basis of every cutlery set. If you want to keep things super simple in your kitchen, you can choose a collection that offers these utensils in one standard size to suit most dining situations. Choose high quality basics in stainless steel with an ergonomic shape.

Stainless Steel or Nylon Turners An essential in every kitchen, your multi-purpose turner will be used almost daily. Turners are used for any frying application, and are especially useful for flipping pancakes and burgers or tossing stir fries. Choose all cooking utensils in heat resistant and non-scratch materials.

Plastic Pieces Extensive disposable cutlery sets are widely available these days, and can be a handy thing to have on hand in the kitchen. Although stainless steel utensils are more suitable for the dining table, high quality plastic utensils can make any picnic or camping trip feel much more special. Choose strong plastic for the most enjoyable experience.

Teaspoons Delicate and useful, teaspoons are an essential piece in cutlery sets. The tiny spoons can be used to stir a warming cup of tea or coffee, as well as handle spices, sugar, pastes and other ingredients in the kitchen. Look for a cutlery set design that is not too heavy or chunky to find the perfect teaspoons.

Knives As well as your standard collection of utensils, you might want to invest in a professional chef’s knife cutlery set. These often come with their own block or magnetic strip and feature knives to suit any purpose in the kitchen. Many standard eight piece knife collections include a santoku knife, a serrated bread knife, a large chef’s knife, butcher’s shears and a knife sharpener as well as smaller paring knives.

Wooden Utensils Although wood isn’t great to eat off, it is fantastic to use while cooking as it will not scratch metallic surfaces. Many bakers even believe that cake batter tastes much better when mixed with a wooden spoon, rather than a plastic or metal one. You can use wooden cutlery sets for baking, frying and tossing salads.

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