A Guide to Choose the Best Wood Floors for Your Home

Now that you have decided to buy wood floors for your new home, you will begin to realize that choosing the best one is not an easy job. This is because you need to consider various factors that would help you choose one which would go well with the decors and furnishings.

Basic options of wood:

You will find two different options of wood floor before you such as:

Solid wood: This is a basic hardwood floor that features wood in the form thick and solid planks. It is ideal for homes with sub floors made with concrete.

Engineered wood: This wood has plywood as its core and has a coating of veneer layer. It is ideal for homes that are located in moisture rich regions.

Points to consider

When you are choosing Flooring Newcastle, make sure that you first plan the areas where you will need wooden floors. If you are installing these floors in your buildings second storey, then it is very different than you do at the basement. Generally the floor that is lower than the normal ground level is called as the below grade level. The one that is equal to the ground level is known as on grade. The floors that are above the ground level are known as above grade.

Types of sub floors

You must consider the sub floor type you have. There are 3 different types such as plywood, particle board and concrete.

Concrete sub floor

You can opt for engineered wood if your sub floor is made up of concrete. You can also go for softwood floors for this sub floor type.

Particle board

This type of floor was used during the 70s mainly beneath the carpet. It is much cheaper than plywood.


It is the usual subfloor type that is also versatile as it supports hardwood floors. It also allows you to use engineered wood and solid wood.

What is the style of your home?

You might be tempted to choose some wood floor styles as they might look stunning with elegant shades. But make sure that you consider the style your home is built with.

Modern style

You can go for maple wood floors, grey stained oak or choose the ones that do not have any knots to offer a modern and trendy look. You can choose a grained ones or the ones with some self made patterns to mix and match with the decors.

Traditional style

You can choose the hickory wood floors as it would feature both dark wooden pieces and lighter pieces to compliment your vintage home interiors. You can always experiment on the finish and stains as it not only adds a bit of shade to your floor but also protects it from dirt and dust.

If you have a light wall colour with ample sunlight during the day then you can go for light coloured Flooring Newcastle and if your home is dark during the day then choose a darker floor.