A Feline Must Be Comfortable And Healthy In Their Own Skin

Pet owners know that for their pets to be happy, they must also be healthy. To these ends, being a domestic animal is not much different from the human experience. The differences lie in the way in which cats and dogs can communicate exactly what they are feeling. Because they can not speak the language as we do, pet owners must rely on non-verbal communication and signs that an animal is experiencing distress.

When it comes to pet cats, ascertaining whether a feline has medical issues can be additionally difficult. Cats instinctually cover up or hide their problems. This can lead to physical complaints that do not receive professional attention until they are well advanced or even too late for treatment options.

The field of veterinary dermatology understands how hard it is for cat owners to take care of feline diseases of the skin. Often it is a recommendation from the pet’s primary care physician that brings them in on a case. Northeast Cat Dermatologists specialize in diseases of the skin, treatments and medical procedures to rid cats of these ailments.

In addition to a physical exam, the vet will want to get the results of diagnostic tests taken in a clinical setting. These include a blood panel, urine analysis and lab tests on fecal samples. Should there be a substance that has entered a feline via food, water or environmental factors, these testing routes usually yield results.

More often than not, the road to feline wellness is a multi-layered process. Pet owners may be asked to change their cat’s food to a prescription food that does not contain known allergens. These foods are generally purchased at the veterinary office and refill orders can be called in as needed.

Should it be found that the environment in which a feline resides has caused their skin discomfort, cat owners will be asked to make changes to their bedding or the removal of common household plants. Cats that are kept outdoors, will benefit from living indoors for both safety and the controlled atmosphere of a home.

For more information, cat lovers can visit the web pages of nevetdermatology.com. Their staff members are available to answer questions, schedule appointments and discuss the personal scenarios of concerned cat owners.