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Fireplace Installation and Decor Ideas Fireplace is a very important component in a living room not only due to its functionality of heating up the room but also due to the aesthetics it brings to a room. However with the evolution of technology, better and effective home heating systems have taken up the primary functionality of this fireplaces leaving us to enjoy the architectural focal point and decorative beauty their presence brings to a room. Even with their primary objectives out of the picture fireplace still serve an important role of anesthetizing our living spaces, the following ideas as some of the best ideas on how you can be able to achieve this. Simple stone pattern This is simple and easily attainable using readily available and basic raw materials. One good thing with this fireplace idea is that with a collection of design images and basic materials you are assured of transforming your living space into a beautiful space all by yourself.
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Simple up wall fireplace
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Just as its name suggests, this fireplace decor idea takes the fireplace concept to a whole new level. With this decor idea the fireplace is installed from floor to ceiling and will make the whole place look interesting. This concept is much possible in large bedrooms where space is not a bother. Inasmuch as this fireplace decorating idea helps to create a one of its kind look, it requires specialist in order to effectively install it. Antique mantel The curves and decorative details of the old mantel that stands as a focal point in this priceless fireplace decoration idea are the most key and valuable features for this design. It is characterized by large fire box which helps create a dramatic flourish look and unique design features. This fireplace is a great idea for those home owners with large living spaces and also those who would want to achieve an old accent look at their living rooms. The most common homeowners who have incorporated this decoration idea in their living areas are those who want to achieve the old ancient feel and those will large living spaces as this decor tip requires a good amount of space. A rustic fireplace One of the factors that make this decor idea much accepted with most people is its simplicity. This fireplace consists of only a firebox and a surrounding of mantel. When lit the surrounding mantel allows the stonework along the walls to glow. With the simplicity of this method being in place it is easy to have and install this kind of fireplace at your home. Natural connection This fireplace installation and decor idea seeks to create a connection with nature. With a characteristic cultured stone you are able to anesthetize your living space the best way how. This decor idea is also able to match up your entire living space texture and color with the fireplace thereby creating a smooth glamorous home interior.