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Selecting between a Gas and an Electric Oven A careful research and comparison are needed in order to decide what type of oven to purchase, whether a gas or an electric oven. If you are thinking about this to put in your new home, then you should give careful thought because you will be using this to prepare food for the years to come. When deciding to buy either a gas or an electric oven, consider the initial purchase price first. Generally, electric ovens are cheaper than gas ovens but this depends on the brand and the type of oven your are purchasing. While gas ovens may be more expensive the monthly costs can be considerably less. Comparing electricity and gas as fuel we can say the electricity is clean fuel, but when it comes to running expense, we know that electricity use costs more that the use of gas. Electric oven also takes longer to heat up than gas ovens and are a disadvantage when the recipe requires preheating. But, if you want to have great saving on your use of an electric oven, a careful meal planning will allow you to do that. You can also make use of the warm oven for keeping foods warm after the cooking has been finished and the oven turned off.
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If there is a qualified electrician around, electric ovens are easy to install. Gas oven installations need a plumber and gas and eclectic lines and are generally more costly than its counterpart. If there is no gas connection you can order cylinder gas. If you use two bottles, it will be enough to get you through a dinner without the inconvenience of running gout. But if your house has a gas line for heating or water, then the better option would be a gas oven.
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Gas ovens are easy to use. Newer models come with instant ignition switch making it as easy as lighting an electric oven. Even those who are used to electric ovens have commended this newer models as perfect for baking goods. An electric oven has a more even cooking temperature throughout the open cavity that makes it more reliable than a gas oven. The newer gas ovens, however, come with a fan. Fans will help circulate gas throughout the chamber to make it an even as what you get with an electric oven. Those who have tried using these types of oven say that it is perfect for baking. Double cavity gas and electric ovens are now available in the market and is the latest option for cooking foods requiring different cooking times. Whatever type of oven your choose, whether gas or electric, the important thing is to do a careful research and give it careful though so that your final decision will be one that will give you years of cooking pleasure.