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How to Choose a Window Treatment for Your Bathroom People are paying more attention to their bathrooms when it comes to remodeling than they used to. The trend is now to use luxurious materials and furnishings to make their bathrooms more luxurious. Some people see the bathroom as a refuge, the only place during their busy day that they can get some alone time and relax before starting their day. It is not far-fetched to see saunas, TV’s, Jacuzzis, and coffee makers built in to someone’s custom bathroom. While these are nice items that some people will choose to put in their bathroom, the window treatments should not be over looked, they should complement the d?cor and style but they will also need to serve the purpose as to protect your privacy. Bathrooms are ultimately humid and therefore you will need to pick something specific for this environment. You might have your heart set on window treatments that are fit for a queen, but you should explore your options of synthetic materials because they will not mildew. You might think wood is the right material but this will warp, you should look at a faux wood, vinyl or composite material; this could also save you some money. Whatever you choose you will want to make sure that you treatment option will not interfere with the ventilation in your new bathroom. The most important thing when it comes to your window treatment option is privacy. If your bathroom window is facing a neighbor or a busy street, you should pick a shade, shutter, or blind that will control the light coming in and going out. When your bathroom is on the second or third level you can safely get a top down or bottom up option, this will give you privacy while also giving you some natural light.
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You will want your window treatments to be theme and style appropriate. If you want a crisp look in your bathroom, then you should chose and simple but sleek blind, shutter or shade. If you are using more elaborate decor then you will want a layered look, such as a French or Mediterranean covering. To get this layered look, you will want to get a top or side treatment that will go over your blinds or shutters.
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If you are in the beginning phase of a bathroom remodel or redesign then the window treatments might not seem important, but the right treatment and the right colors will make your bathroom really stand out. If you make the wrong decision then your blinds or shutters may not last long and when it comes to the design it could detract from the overall beauty of remodel.