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Guidelines on Choosing Hardwood Flooring Wood flooring comes in a plethora of styles and sizes. All in all, the basic types of the same are engineered and solid wood floors. Solid wood flooring is milled from different types of solid wood, while engineered wood floors are made from a plethora of manufactured wood pieces. Whatever type of wood flooring that you buy should be perfect for your house. What other factors should you consider before making a decision? Consider where you would be installing the floor. Do not assume that what would be ideal for the second floor would be perfect for the basement. Since basements are below ground level, they are usually referred to as below grade. All floors above the ground level are above grade. Such knowledge is very important because it would help you choose what would be perfect for each type of floor. Since there is usually plenty of moisture in the basement, it is important that you choose a floor that can withstand it. You should choose a floor in respect to your living habits. If you live with your extended family, it is obvious that your floor would have to take a lot of abuse. The same would also happen if you are fitting the floor in your office. Choosing a durable floor would mean that you would not be forced to replace the floor often.
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Do not overlook your type of home when shopping for hardwood floors. Some types of wood floors would look odd when fit in a particular type of home. Floors that have knots and wider planks would work better for traditional homes. Wooden floors with minimal variations would be perfect for modern homes. Wooden floors without knots are perfect for modern floors because they give them a clean aesthetic touch. While you can still mix old and new, it is important that you ask for the opinion of knowledgeable designers first.
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Maintenance is another integral factor to consider. Durable types of woods are available, but they would still call for maintenance. Harder woods usually hold up better, meaning that they would be less demanding concerning maintenance. It pays to choose among floors that come with a polyurethane finish. The semi-gloss finish of this material works perfectly regarding hiding wear and tear. Oil finishes usually last longer and perform well at hiding scuff. Affordability is a factor that you should not ignore. It is important that you work with your budget. Engineered wood floors are available in large quantities, but this does not mean that they are cheap. It would be a mistake to assume that you cannot find solid wood floors that you can afford. Whatever you do, do not go with the cheapest options because they would most likely be as cheap regarding quality.