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What You Should Factor in When Shopping for Artificial Grass Every homeowner out there dreams of having that perfect lawn that gives the home that much needed improvement in its overall look and feel. However, a well-maintained lawn made up of real grass is something that needs to be given attention all the time. The thing is you’ll have to deal with stuff on a consistent basis, and this includes cutting, feeding, and weeding the grass. Now if you don’t see yourself as a gardening enthusiast, the task of maintaining a lawn will never be fun. Nevertheless, you still can come up with an attractive lawn even if you don’t want to be cutting or weeding grass. All you need is artificial grass. The best thing about artificial grass is that it is low maintenance. The fact that it is very similar to real grass in terms of appearance to a point that you may even have difficulty in telling which one isn’t real.
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Today, there are several good reasons why homeowners use it on their lawn instead of building a real one. No doubt convenience is one of the most obvious reasons. It means you don’t have to be doing the cutting and weeding because this grass does not grow!
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Factors to Weigh On 1 – Area to Cover The area to cover is important since it literally determines the quantity of turf that’s required to fulfill the installation. By being able to know the quantity of artificial grass needed, you’ll have a much better look at the actual cost of the project. So if you have a large area to cover and you’re on a tight budget, it means you’re likely going to purchase a less expensive type of synthetic grass. 2 – Color of Grass The nice thing about artificial grass nowadays is that you get to choose from a wide range of colors. During the early production years though, the color options were very limited. In choosing the right color, you will have to look at and weigh on your neighborhood and surroundings. It makes a lot of sense if you pick something that blends well with the other lawns in your neighborhood. Choosing an opposite color will make your lawn look more artificial. 3 – Usage Meanwhile, it is also very important that you know the usage of your artificial grass to figure out which type of grass to buy. Part of this is knowing if you are going to use heavy and large garden furniture, because if you do so, you’ll need a coarser and denser type that’s more durable. 4 – Quality of Grass Lastly, once you determine your budget, you now can choose the specific quality of your grass, and your options are economy, mid-range, and luxury. Obviously, mid-range and luxury qualities will cost more, but economy quality is the best option if you’re planning to cover a large area.