4 Things that You Should Never Flush

Your plumbing is something that you should value and treat with proper care. Without the care it deserves, it will get you back with some big bills and the hassle of trying to actually fix the problem. To keep your toilet in good health, you need to know what objects are not correct flushing etiquette.

Keep that Hair Out

Your hair is a beautiful thing, but it needs to be thrown out in a trash can or kept on your brush. Hair works like an entangled web, clinging to the sides of your plumbing system and building up over time to create a clogged toilet or sink. Because hair has static properties and tends to attach itself to wet things, hair is not something to just toss down the toilet. By remembering to properly clean out your sink and toilet and free it of hair strands, you will have less plumbing issues.

Oils and Grease

While hot, oils and grease keep an even and thin distribution, making it seem like they would go down a toilet with no problems at all. However, this is not the case; once oils and grease become room temperature or colder, they start to solidify and clump together. This will happen within your pipes and it will clog your toilet faster than most other objects. Save yourself the hassle and throw the extra oil and grease away or save it for more cooking.

Food is Important

Food is a necessity of life, but not for your toilet’s wellbeing. Even small particles catch somewhere along the route to the septic tank and take up space. Just go ahead and toss your leftover food into the trash, or even better, into a storage container for the fridge. Food is something you do not want to flush down your toilet.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your toilet and your plumbing, you need to know what not to flush. Otherwise, you will be looking at a multitude of problems. Your wallet and your stress levels will thank you for taking the time to properly dispose of various items. If you are looking for an Orange County plumber, contact Moffett Plumbing.

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