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Antique Rocking Chairs as Home Decor Antiques can be beautiful home decors. If you put antiques in the really plain spaces in your home, it will greatly enhance the looks and give it a touch of the past. Antique ornaments will do but if you want something that is useful then you can use an antique rocking chairs. There are many different designs for antique rocking chairs. And all of this reflects what the fad was during the days when they were made. If you really want something to add up to the beauty of your home, then antique rocking chairs is a very good idea. The primary thing to consider is that any addition to your home should be something that will match or blend with the already existing architecture and design. Your home already has a design and architecture and you need to purchase furniture that will match, blend or enhance what is already in there. If you have a modern home, the idea of putting antique furniture might not be a really good idea because the furniture might seem out of place. Knowing what types of antique chairs are being sold in the market will make your task of choosing the best rocking chair for your home space much easier. Here are some of them.
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The Victorian era boasts of having great looking rocking chairs. Although oak is the best material for this kind of rocking chairs, there are also alternative kinds that used different cheap materials. Victorian rocking chairs come in three types: the pressed back, the slipper, and the platform. While pressed and slipper types have the common bowed rockers, the platform has springs attached to the legs of the chair which makes the chair rock.
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Many centuries ago, a rocking chair type was manufactured in Sweden and was called Gungstol. This type of rocking chair was made sturdy by having six legs but it later on was reduced to four. The rocking chair’s surface is shiny and made of material which is high in quality. The common colors of this rocking chair are black and brown, although you can also buy other colors. They are known to have long spindles that extend above the head. Another type of antique rocking chair is the Windsor rocker which has short back spindles and short arm rests. Their back frame is also bowed. Although originally used as a backyard furniture, it is used today in most any place in the house. One type of Windsor rocker is called the Boston rocker. Unlike the Windsor rocker, the Boston’s back frame is not bowed. Grecian rockers do not have solid wood for a seat but woven rattan. One disadvantage of having rocking chairs with rattan seats is that they are not very durable like solid wood seats.