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Enjoy late summer vacations on the island of Kos, Greece

With summer not entirely over yet, enjoy late summer vacations at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel on the magical island of Kos, Greece. Offering 5 star services and facilities, luxury accommodations and an incredible spa, the month of September opens up a world of possibilities.

With its warm balmy weather, the month of September in Greece is perhaps one of the most perfect times of the year to visit. Travellers who are in the know plan a week or so during this time of the year in order to recharge the batteries and face the oncoming winter more relaxed and refreshed.

The island of Kos in the Dodecanese is an interesting option at this time of year due to its guaranteed good weather. With the summer crowds a distant memory, visitors have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of this incredible island at their own pace. Combining beautiful surroundings with a plethora of historical sites and attractions, the island has something for everyone. The Diamond Deluxe 5 star hotel on Kos Island is a Kos Island luxury hotel that epitomizes exclusivity in every sense. Offering luxury accommodation in Kos, the propertys 110 opulent rooms and suites that combine luxury and glamour with traditional Greek island details in white and earthy colour schemes, hardwood floors and cashmere throws in hues of caramel. Scented candles and fresh flowers give the final touches of pure elegance.

Offering the finest suite accommodation on Kos island, the propertys Diamond Suite is the ultimate place to unwind and enjoy incredible amenities such as its expansive indoor and outdoor spaces and private swimming pool. Dazzling in every sense, the Diamond Suite is unsurpassed in every sense. As a foremost spa hotel on Kos Island, the Diamond Deluxe offers spa treatments in Kos that are guaranteed to soothe the stresses and strains of everyday life and make them a distant memory. With an extensive array of treatments for both the body and face, the team at the Diamond Deluxes Mazarin Luxury Health Club is committed to providing guests with the ultimate pampering experience.

Guests now have the chance to get benefit from the current 5% discount offer on any accommodation type which also includes free entrance to the Mazarin Luxury Health Club in order to enjoy the sauna and hamam (the free spa entrance is applicable only once per stay / per adult, over 14 years of age).

Unsurpassed in the Dodecanese islands of Greece, the accommodation interiors are truly dazzling, with pure, white spaces blending harmoniously with earthly colours and tones, inspired by Kos and Greeces landscape and design.

Choosing the right flooring color to your house

Hardwood floor tiles are designed to beautify any home or office. Floor and Dcor features a range of affordable flooring options for customers.

Choosing the right flooring can be a time-consuming and costly affair. With so many styles and colors on the market, how do customers determine the best brand and value? At Floor and Decor, we make this process much simpler for our clients. Whether its for new or existing homes, we offer a choice selection of cost-affordable flooring options and designs. In fact, our hardwood floor tiles are used in homes and commercial establishments across the nation. With years of extensive industry experience, our highly dedicated team is committed to helping customers with all their flooring needs. This includes finding the right hardwood floor tiles to match any home or office decor. This is simply a convenient way for customers to browse our vast selection, while making a worthwhile choice and investment.

With 24 locations nationwide, Floor and Decor is an industry leader in inexpensive hardwood flooring. In fact, our huge selection rivals that of designer showrooms, without the added expenses and costs. When selecting home flooring, there are several factors to consider. This includes the square footage of homes, along with the particular style or color customers want to showcase. No matter which location customers visit, we offer a range of flooring options to capture the true allure and essence of any home. Whether its oak wood flooring, granite, laminate or bamboo, our customers are guaranteed the shopping experience of a lifetime. Not only do we meet all flooring needs and concerns, we also offer viable tips on how to make the most out of new or replacement tiles.

For the best in flooring and tiles, visit us today:

About Floor and Dcor:

Floor and Decor is a leading specialty retailer in the hard surface flooring market, offering the broadest selection of ceramic, stone, tile, wood, and laminate flooring available in the industry. Floor & Decor sources directly from manufacturers around the globe to bring the worlds best and most innovative flooring to our customers at the lowest price in the marketplace. In addition, Floor & Decor stocks the necessary tools, decorative, and related accessories for flooring projects. Floor and Decor is focused on the residential remodeling segment. F&D’s customers are primarily do-it-yourself consumers and professional contractors. The Company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Floor and Decor currently operates more than 30 stores in 15 metropolitan markets across the country. Stores typically range in size from 60,000 to 80,000 square feet, and each store stocks approximately 2,500 products.

Media Contact:
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Kennesaw, GA 30144-5570
Store Manager:
Alex Machado

(404) 471-1634…

Seven Signs the Carpet Needs Care

Not sure if your carpet can pass muster? Residents of Dallas might be inclined to procrastination when it comes to having their carpets cleaned but don’t delay too long unsightly stains, unpleasant odors and other areas in need of attention might be the reason for fewer visits by family and friends. Take this quick quiz to see if your carpet is creeping out the guests and how to fix it fast.

1. Sneezing, wheezing, droopy and grumpy. If your family and friends begin to resemble the cast of Snow White, it may be due to environmental reasons rather than the company. Hidden health hazards like dust, pollen and even mites can make sensitive persons miserable. Regular vacuuming combined with eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are an easy way to assure your home is clean but never contaminated by harsh chemicals.

2. People wipe their feet when leaving rather than entering the home. Tough stains can spread everywhere including car upholstery and even the sidewalk. Eliminate deep set dirt and grime so what others take with them doesn’t leave a lasting impression of the wrong kind!

3. The kids play “guess that stain”. Stop playing guessing games and call a reputable Dallas carpet cleaner instead. Not only is it possible to remove deep set stains like wine spills but even extra tough blemishes from candle wax can quickly become little more than a bad memory. Just be sure to find a company that knows and understands the right way to treat the type of carpet for your home for example, berber often requires special handling.

4. The dog prefers the bare floor. Give Fido a fluffy a comfie place to call home without the odors or mess one quick call to a local Dallas carpet cleaning company can clean and deodorize your home in less time than it takes to say “good doggie”.

5. Navigating through the rips, tears, ravels and thread-bare areas has become an obstacle course for older visitors. Search for a Dallas carpet cleaning company that provides full service including repairs. Not only will your home look and smell better but it’s also safer and less likely to cause a nasty fall or injury.

6. You deliberately leave the house messy because it hides the carpet. Clean up those toys and schedule an appointment with a Dallas carpet cleaner. Once you get a good look at how fresh and clean your carpet looks you won’t need to hide behind the clutter. In fact, make it easy on yourself by hiring a company that moves and replaces all the furniture for you.

7. You feel the need to clean before calling a Dallas carpet cleaning company. Don’t worry! Reputable carpet cleaners have seen it all and are experts at transforming worn out floors into something special. Simply call a company like Kiwi Carpet Cleaning of Dallas that handle repairs, carpet cleaning and other maintenance for you with one quick call you can have the house you love without the headache, …

The Worst Places To Have A Glass Door

Glass doors allow more light into the home and offer a view of the outside, but they can increase the risk of burglary and injury. Accidents involving glass doors can cause serious injury, especially if the glass isn’t up to safety standards. Some locations for glass doors are worse than others, because they reduce the home’s security or pose a higher risk of accidents. Even if the glass doesn’t break, running into a glass door can cause bruises or result in a fall.

A Location That Allows Burglars to Break In Without Being Seen

An exterior glass door such as a patio door that isn’t visible to the street or neighbors offers an easy entrance for burglars. Even with a bar or dowel in the sliding door’s track, this kind of door makes it convenient for a criminal to break in unless the door is specially designed so that a thief can’t get through it with a brick or a glass cutter.

Next to a Children’s Play Area

Having a glass door near a swing set or part of the yard where kids play can increase the risk of injury. Even if the door has decals to make the glass more visible, a child falling or running could hit the door.

In a Child’s Bedroom or Family Room

Interior glass doors separating a family room or rec room from another part of the house pose a safety hazard. When children play or run, they could fall or bang into the glass. Even walking into a glass door at a normal pace can cause bumps and bruises. For this reason, a child’s bedroom is another bad place to have a glass door.

Opening Onto a Balcony or Small Deck

A patio door that opens onto a balcony or deck creates a hazard. When the door is closed, someone might walk or run into it. When it’s open, an unwary pet might run through it and fall off the balcony. This location can also be a security risk if a burglar can get to the balcony or deck from a stairway, tree or lattice.

Opening Into a Dining Area

A glass door that leads to an outdoor eating area or interior dining room increases the risk of an accident. If someone doesn’t notice that the door is closed and runs into it while carrying a hot dish, glassware or anything breakable, there’s a risk of burns or cuts.

Consider home security and safety when choosing where to have a glass door. The better the visibility of the door, the better. Make sure the door meets or exceeds current safety standards and apply decals to reduce the risk of accidents.

Peter Wendt is a freelance article writer and commercial researcher working out of Austin. To find out more on this topic, Peter suggests you take a look at somekeyword which he has found to be a useful resource.…

Colour Preference Shows Your Personality

Colours play a pivotal role in our lives and the colours chosen for a home or office are more than just trivial decor details. Colour preferences and selections reflect a persons personality and psyche, and colours reveal inner emotions and may also affect ones mood. For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the nature of colours and how different shades define our world on a personal level.

a) Psychological Properties of Colours
Colour is one of the most engaging dimensions of sight. Colour gives objects and surfaces a personality and aura that goes beyond our senses and invoke specific emotional responses. Different shades and hues affect us differently and can work on our subconscious to bring us peace, anxiety or inspiration.

People also choose colours to express certain emotions or aspirations. For example, we may choose a dark red to express a rich and sophisticated lifestyle with a touch of romance and sensual energy, while others may choose a light pink to convey a youthful innocence with a hint of vanity and light heartedness. Lighting, textures and furnishings also play an important part in creating a mood and lending subtlety to meanings.

b) Understanding personal colour palette
Social norms are powerful and can deeply affect how individuals perceive and grow to love certain colours. For example, blues have traditionally been associated with boys while pink is associated with girls. This gender differentiation is ingrained in a persons psychology and thus, it is often unlikely to see a guy who is willing to paint his office or room pink.

Different communities and cultures also view colours differently. Where white is considered a colour of purity among European societies, the same shade is viewed as a colour of death and mourning by the Chinese. It is thus important to take cultural sensitivities into account when choosing colours.

Beyond social norms, personal taste in colours is also affected by our experiences growing up and there are many reasons why people like certain colours and view others with distaste. Individuals perceive things differently and it is important to be sensitive to the preferences of those the room is painted for.

c) Colour Affects the Way You Feel
Moods and emotions can easily be influenced by the colour in the environment. A room painted in a dark, oppressive shade is likely to depress the mood of an occupant while a living room with a light blue hue will help generate positive feelings. The energy level of a space can be controlled easily as long as the designer has a good understanding of how different shades and hue affect people emotionally.

d) Choosing the Correct Colour
Choose colours that complement existing furnishings and suit the main purpose of the room. For example, a dark blue paint will complement the LED lights from computers and gadgets, creating futuristic lighting effects that will delight a techie. Bright paint, on the other hand, will make a room look tacky if existing furniture are very lightly coloured.

It is also …

The Easy Way To Install Vinyl Flooring

Installing vinyl flooring is one of those home improvement projects that is well within the ability of the average homeowner to accomplish. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you have done just one room you should have the confidence to be able to tackle almost any vinyl flooring job. Here is the easy way to install vinyl flooring in your home.

First of all, your flooring material needs to be as warm as possible when you install it if you want it to go down correctly. So if the weather has been cold outside, it may be a good idea to leave your vinyl flooring in a warm room for a couple of days to let it actually heat up and become more pliable before you actually start to lay it down.

But once you are ready to get started, just simply roll the vinyl out into the room and see how it lays. Usually it’s best to align the vinyl pattern with the most dominant wall, or the most visible wall in the room first and then work out from there. So do that and see how the vinyl fits with the rest of the room. If it all looks like it’s going well, you can actually start to trim off the excess around the room. Just be sure that all areas of the room are well covered before you start trimming.

Generally speaking, a 2 -3 inch overlap is sufficient when you’re trimming in the room. Once you have all of your general trim cuts made, and the excess vinyl has been removed, you can now start to roughly cut in the corners of the room to make sure that the vinyl will lay nice and flat up against all of the walls.

Now here is where a lot of folks have trouble with vinyl flooring. If there are fixtures in the room, like a sink or toilet for instance, they don’t know how to cut around these obstacles. Actually though, there is a very simple and easy way to solve that vinyl flooring problem. What you need to do is to make a paper template of the floor before you lay the vinyl down in the area where the obstacles are.

This paper template needs to be made of very solid and tough paper that will not rip and tear easily. If you use the toilet as an example, you lay enough paper to cover one half of the toilet’s footprint on the floor and cut the paper in so that it fits up nice and tight to the edge of the toilet. Then you use another piece of paper to do the same on the other half of the toilets footprint.

Then you can remove the paper, tape both sides together and it will give you a perfect pattern for the bottom of the toilet so that you can make a good, clean cut on the vinyl that will fit exactly right …

Modern Sofa Makes The Perfect Home – Choosing The Right One

You don’t have to dish out tens and thousands of dollars for a home improvement project. The simplest home designs today can be improved with the right furniture to grace the confines of your humble abode. One item you might want to focus on if you wish to improve the comfort and ambience of your living room is a modern sofa.

There are assorted modern sofa designs available in the market today. All you need to do is to find the right one that you can use with comfort and give your home the improvement it needs to fit your standards. Here are some ideas on how to use a modern sofa to suit your taste and budget.

Go For Practical Use

It would be safe to say that we will not be buying any item that doesn’t fit well with our daily needs. Same also with choosing a modern sofa picking a design that provides you with the most comfort out of its use.

Keep in mind that there are different types of sofas in the market and each has its own specific design to fit well with whatever use you have for it. If you live in a home with a limited space, then go for a sectional sofa that you can turn into a large furniture or you can separate its sections during special occasions that requires multiple seats to accommodate guests and family members.

Another design you might want to consider is the sofa bed — a modern sofa that integrates sitting and sleeping in a single package. This is perfect if you want to turn your living room into an impromptu bedroom if you have guests over, or when you are planning to turn your guest room into something else besides having a bed in it.

Pick A Style

Aside from its basic function, modern sofa also comes in different looks to accentuate the design of any home theme. There are different factors to consider — the material of the sofa, the color, and its overall concept. Each must be taken into consideration during selection to ensure that it will compliment, or improve, the interior design or your home.

If you have no idea where to start look then you can go online to simplify and expedite your search. Since most furniture shops have their own website, it is better to compare and sort through their selections at home and only check them out with your own two eyes once you’ve made up your mind.

William W. Teho, Jr.

Types of Modern Sofa New York Designs Elegant Love Seat and Couches

Modern sofa comes in various designs and styles. However, the love seat and couches are highly favored because they bring harmony and class in your living room. Modern sofa New York companies can provide several options for you.

You can choose a sofa with unique shape and made from materials. The new designs of sofas can make your living room more contemporary.

The Leather Sofa

A typical leather sofa has masterful upholstery, elegant and chic designs, and supported by strong chrome metal legs. Such sofa defines contemporary styles and will be very comfortable also. The modern designs convey warmth. The stylish chrome plated metal feet suspend the leather sofa in the air. Most importantly, the upholstery is made from to grade leather making the sofa very durable.

The leather sofa also features double cushioned pillows with highly detailed horizontal stitching. Modern sofa New York stores also offer different color variations. You can have a leather sofa in pitched black colors, red, or cappuccino. A leather sofa also has ultra comfortable seats and the frames are well constructed making it very durable.

A modern sofa New York design that is made from leather is ideal for your private den, family living rooms, and for your private study room.

Contemporary Bellamy Sofa

The contemporary Bellamy sofa features a very sleek and ultra chic leather cushioning. This is probably the best contemporary sofa that you can add in your living room. The contemporary leather sofa has loped arms, boxed seat cushions, with elaborate baseball stitch designs.

The attached bolster back provides superior support for you while the wooden legs guarantee superior durability. This type of modern sofa New York style is very chic it can match all types of living room designs.

Contemporary modern sofa has a dark coffee color and very pleasing to the eyes. The average sized seats as well as the well designed backrest will make you very comfortable indeed. In fact, you might not want to stand up once you sit on this type of leather sofa.

Contemporary leather sofas also have the right sizes and dimensions designed for modern households. They are not too bulky so you can have plenty of space in your living room for other furniture.

The contemporary look makes this type of sofa very versatile also. Because of the leather upholstery, you can use this sofa as a traditional decor in your living room. However, a leather sofa can also look very modern and will be suitable also for modern homes.

The flying modern leather sofa on the other hand can be used for seating, reclining, and sleeping. This type of sofa has a very elastic cushioning made from high quality foam and poly fiber. You can easily adjust this type of sofa if you want to recline or to lie down.

With lots of design options and innovations, you can surely find a perfect leather sofa that can meet your requirements. These modern sofas are very comfortable, have elegant designs, and very durable …

Mafi – Oiled, Natural Wood Floors Manufacturer, Appoints Nic Neumann As Ceo To The Usa

PressRelease) Austrian luxury flooring maker announces the restructuring of it’s US operations and founding of Mafi America, Inc.

Los Angeles, California – MAFI, one of the leading manufacturers of oil-treated luxury wood floors announced today the formation of MAFI America, Inc. and the appointment of Nic Neumann as CEO. MAFI’s full line of highly aesthetic Austrian-made wood flooring products is now widely available in the United States to architects, home builders, developers and private clients. The Venice Beach-based company is part of MAFI’s world-wide network in more than forty countries.

“Nic Neumann has all the qualities to lead MAFI into the future in the U.S.,” said company Chairman, Fritz Fillafer.

“We’re confident MAFI’s luxury floors will enjoy broad adoption in the North American Market,” said Nic Neumann, the new CEO of MAFI America, Inc. “MAFI’s wide-plank floors are handcrafted in Austria, lacquer-free and are treated with organic oils only, making them ideal for almost any application. MAFI floors are a perfect symbiosis of naturalness, quality and design.”

MAFI recently unveiled new product lines to the United States highlighting it’s new Tiger Oak Floor with color fills. The Tiger Oak is baked using MAFI’s exclusive technique, which creates natural cracks in the wood. Using an epoxy, each crack can be filled with dozens of color choices including, violet, blue, green, cream, silver and grey. The resulting floor offers a bold addition to the design esthetic of a home or business. Each floor is unique and can be fully customized to the client’s preference.

Nic Neumann is a highly accomplished architectural designer and business developer. He has worked in a wide range of design disciplines from architecture, interior design, product design, furniture design and commercial design for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Phoenix Product Design, EuroCard, Goldpfeil, Olymp. He has assisted some of Europe’s finest companies, including Bulthaup and USM Haller, in expanding their market presence in North America.

About MAFI: For 17 years, MAFI, headquartered in Schneegattern, Upper Austria, has enjoyed a national and international reputation for providing exemplary engineered wood products for architecturally significant projects, and is known for the manufacture of fine, high-quality natural wood floors. Headquartered in Schneegattern, Upper Austria, MAFI currently has showrooms in Zrich, London, Peking, Melbourne, Cannes, Bozen, Salzburg, Vienna, Malta, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

The wood-processing company, behind MAFI was founded 80 years ago by the Fillafer family, when work started at their sawmill. In 1992, Fritz Fillafer began to specialize in the production of oiled, country-style floors. Today, MAFI employs more than 70 people at a plant covering around 60000 square feet located on the edge of the Kobernauer Forest. With a production volume of 4.5 Million square feet country-style planks per year, MAFI is among the world’s most established and innovative family flooring businesses.

For press inquiries, please contact:
Zita Udrys
z.udrys ( @ ) mafi-america dot com
323 542 8095

For sales inquiries, please contact:
Nic Neumann
CEO mafi-america
n.neumann ( @ ) mafi-america dot com…

Why machine washable area rugs are quite helpful

The decision to have wall-to-wall, area or throw rugs can get complicated. Having wall-to-wall carpet means never having to clean any floor around the rug or rugs, but it also means periodically shampooing the carpet. Between shampoos, the carpet must be spot cleaned when spills or pet accidents occur.

Noise is more bothersome when there are too many hard surfaces in a room, especially when things like radios, stereos, televisions and telephones are added to the mix. Area rugs help to absorb and reduce the noise, whether in the home or office. Also, noise between floors in a house or apartment building may be reduced with area rugs.

Area rugs are just as difficult to keep clean, although they do often have the advantage of being rotatable thus avoiding traffic patterns and fading due to sunlight. Area rugs are a great way to personalize your home or office environment. They add color and artistic expression, whether you want it to be mild or wild! And, rugs certainly help to define the mood or character of a room. There’s only so much you can do with walls, but there’s almost no limit when it comes to using rugs as part of your decorating plans. A great way to describe rugs is practical, functional art for the floor!

Washable throw rugs offer the best solution for cleanliness, but you need to be careful, for their rubber backing falls to pieces with repeated washing. Without the backing, a throw rug is a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. Even though they may give a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation to your living room while providing a splash of color. They are also great for unifying a space and anchoring a room.

The answer to all of these rug problems is machine washable area rugs and throw rugs. These rugs, found at Ruggable, are detachable from their backing, making them easily washable in a home washing machine without damaging their non-skid backing. Normal washable kitchen rugs that bunch or slip are dangerous, but with the detachable tops or covers of kitchen rugs washable means, wash as often as you wish without limiting the life span of the rug.

Keep several covers on hand then you can change covers on the pet rugs, or on the hall rug at a moments notice. Machine washable area rugs make large carpeted areas easy to keep clean and hygienic. Additionally, our changeable covers give decorating flexibility. Never let company find you with dirty rugs again! Do not put up with dangerous throw rugs when our detachable rug covers can affordably guarantee you clean, safe rugs with a variety of choices you will love.…