Month: March 2014

Hard Wood Floor Cleaning – Hardness Matters

When it comes to hard wood floor cleaning and refinishing, many people simply don’t understand the differences. The first step in preserving the beauty and luster of hard wood flooring is to know what type of wood was used and the proper method of cleaning and caring for the floor.

One of the best places to begin is by understanding wood floor hardness. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the traffic area the harder the wood should be but keep in mind, maintenance and general care also make a big impact on the longevity of a wood floor. Here to help sort things out is a basic primer on the hardness of your hard wood floor with some of the most frequently asked questions or areas of confusion surrounding the care and cleaning of hard wood floors.

Fact: Hardness is not strength! Don’t confuse the hardness of a wood with the strength or feel of the wood. Hardness is simply how well it will resist damage from scratching, punctures or pressure.

Fact: Manufacturer Matters. The hardness of a wood depends upon the type of tree used to create the wood and the manufacturer. Although most woods of the same species will exhibit similar hardness qualities, there will still be variations between two different manufacturers based upon how the flooring was created, what chemicals were used, thickness and other variables.

Fact: There is a wood for every room. Not sure what types of woods go where? Use softer woods for areas with less traffic and harder woods for areas that will need to hold up to more wear and tear. For example North American Cherry is a beautiful wood but very soft with a hardness rating of only 950. Natural bamboo comes in at 1410 while Brazilian Teak stands out at an impressively dense 3500 rating! Many exotic hard woods are not only beautiful but extremely dense and resistant to damage – but keep in mind many are endangered and contribute to the destruction of the local ecology.

Fact: Red Oak is a versatile choice. Most old floors used red oak and still look great even though they have a hardness rating of only 1260 on average. With proper care and preservation any floor can look great for many years to come.

Fact: somekeyword and somekeyword doesn’t need to cost a lot. Hire a reputable company with a nationwide reputation like Kiwi Services to clean, repair and preserve your hard wood floors. Properly performed cleaning and preservation not only keeps floors looking great but prolongs the life of your investment for years to come.

Change Your Dining Chairs As A Makeover For Furniture

Your dining table probably cost a fair bit of money. A good quality table will last you a lifetime. You probably love your table and wouldn’t change it anyway, but the chairs are a different matter. dining chairs take less kindly to knocks and wear and tear than the table so it’s highly likely you will need to change them well before you need a new table. dining chairs are an affordable and sensible way to re-model the look of your room.

By investing in some new chairs, possibly some paint, new curtains and accessories, you can totally transform you dining area. Makeovers are popular and have been made more so by the plethora of programs on TV about ‘DIY’ and doing up rooms. So why not take a leaf out of the designers book and plan a makeover. You save plenty money and you get a great new look to your room. There are some fabulous dining chairs that add a new look and feel to your dining room.

Look online at some dining chairs, not only are suppliers offering some great discounts, but many offer a price guarantee as well. This means you can get your dining chairs at a great price. There are high back chairs, upholstered chairs, wooden chairs, and painted chairs. So there is something out there for every taste and pocket. There are some fabulous designs that are affordable and certainly won’t break the bank. Don’t think you need to match your chairs exactly to your table, mix textures and colours to great effect.

If you have a little more money available for your dining room makeover, why not go for some stunning antique leather dining chairs. They give a great luxury look to your room and they are extremely comfortable. Naturally, there are contemporary designs and styles of chairs, so if that’s what you need to fit in your dining space you are sure to find some. For a quick and cost effective make over you can’t go far wrong in choosing some new dining chairs.

If you use your dining room frequently then you need to look for chairs that offer you comfort as well as style. In fact, regardless of how much use your dining room gets, you need comfortable dining chairs. Quite often, we use our dining tables to work at, sew at or read the paper at so comfortable chairs is a necessity. Also consider how many chairs you will need and for what, when looking for new ones. It’s certainly worth spending a little extra on your dining chairs to ensure comfort and durability.…

Flooring, Carpeting And Rugs For Your Home

You should never forget to spend just as much time choosing the best possible flooring, carpeting and rugs for your home, as you spend on the interior design and furnishing of your home. The type of flooring, carpeting and rugs you choose will have just as much of an impact on the total look you are aiming for. It must coordinate perfectly with the rest of your interior design or else you will have a jarring clash. Knowing that your choice of flooring, carpeting and rugs can make or break the look of each room in your home may seem daunting and intimidating. You need not fear making a choice, though, because you can easily ask for advice from the experts if you go to the proper supplier of flooring, carpeting and rugs.

You can choose from among hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate flooring.

Hardwood flooring comes as solid hardwood, which is sold as strips or flanks, and engineered hardwood, which comes in three to five layers of laminated hardwood. Engineered hardwood has more stability and moisture resistance. Both are stain resistant and will not absorb spills provided they are properly installed and sealed. Hardwood flooring just needs mopping and vacuuming for maintenance.

Tile flooring comes in natural stone, ceramic, glass and metal.

The most popular natural stone tiles are made out of limestone, marble, slate or granite. Limestone tiles are the softest and are, therefore, recommended for decorative use only. Marble tiles are also not very hardy and are recommended only for areas with low human traffic. Slate tiles are more durable and are slip resistant. They are often used in wet areas such as pool sides and patios. Granite tiles are the strongest and the densest and may be used in areas of high human traffic. They are also resistant to moisture and bacteria and can be used for wet areas.

Ceramic tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, are also considered durable. Glass and metal tiles are only used for accents.

Vinyl flooring is sold as sheets or tiles and comes in three variants no-wax, urethane and enhanced urethane. No wax vinyl is the least durable variant. Urethane vinyl has better resistance to stains and scuffs and needs low maintenance. Enhanced urethane vinyl is not only resistant to stains and scuffs but also to moisture and harsh chemicals. Vinyl flooring comes in so many designs and can mimic the look of hardwood flooring and natural stone flooring. It only needs sweeping and mopping for maintenance.

Laminate flooring can also mimic the look of hardwood and tile flooring but is more durable than them and even less expensive. It resists moisture, stains, scratches and fading.

Flooring, carpeting and rugs need not be mutually exclusive choices for you. You can actually use carpeting and rugs on top of any type of flooring. You will just have to choose flooring, carpeting and rugs that are complementary and that coordinate with the rest of your interior design. Carpeting can come in many types, …

Trade-off your mass-produce poster for an affordable elegant piece of history

Magazines, blogs and TV shows are all populated by programmes with tips on how to decorate and revamp homes and gardens. Where design concerned, it is nothing new that the small details are the ones that make the difference between a normal and a stylish place.
If you are thinking of trading-off your mass-produce poster for an affordable elegant piece of history, then a wall art sculpture in an ancient Greek or Roman style is the right solution for you.
Whilst buying an ancient Greek and Roman piece is impossible, even with an unlimited budget, you now have the option to decorate your home and garden with Ithaca Arts reproduction of ancient bas-reliefs, plaques and dramatic masks.
The Italian-based world-leader in the production of replicas of famous ancient Greek and Roman artworks is one of the few companies in the world able to reproduce the original masterpieces whilst meeting museum quality-standards.
Ancient Greeks and Romans used completely different techniques from the ones used nowadays for handmade art, this is why a detailed replica must be handmade by strictly following the old procedures in both crafting and colouring. Ithaca Art is proud of having their team of artists able to replicate the famous masterpieces with passion and knowledge by crafting them in the same way the ancient Greeks and Romans.
With a 40-year reputation for producing beautiful wall art sculpture having received countless numbers of international awards, Ithaca Art has over 150 artworks in its catalogue all entirely hand-crafted and sold at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for bas-reliefs, sculptures or garden and home dcor, Ithaca Art pieces are all fired at about 1000 degrees in a process that makes them strong enough for outdoor spaces and beautiful for indoor areas.

As it was for the ancient Greeks and Romans, so it is that all Ithaca Art pieces are hand-crafted to measure, straight after the order has been commissioned. To meet the museum-quality standards, neither machines nor assembly lines are used and replicas are all hand-crafted by artists trained in art history and classic craftsmanship by following the same ancient techniques.

Ithaca’s wall sculptures are all weather proof and therefore perfect for decorating your outdoor spaces. They are a perfect gift welcomed by all those who enjoy personalising their house with unique style and expertise.

You can browse Ithaca Arts catalogue online at or see the artworks in one of the 15 shops across Europe. Ithaca Art has recently opened a UK branch in London Linden House 408 High Road NW10 2DR.…

Square Dinnerware Sets For You

Dinnerware sets are ideal for setting the perfect table. They items that you will use play a big role in the appearance of the table and the atmosphere you want to give. If you are celebrating something fine dinnerware sets will make that evident immediately. Dinnerware sets also make great gifts. There is one perfect thing for every occasion.

Talking about the industry there are many ways to collect information about the market. If you want to have full information and be able to understand the market you need to know certain things. Today there are ways to measure the way people react on something new, on a new idea and the way they behave towards an item. How much value they think the item has can also be measured. After all this, the industry saw that there is an increase in dinnerware sales. However, there is also the need to attract new customers. The new idea came as square dinnerware. Square dinnerware was the ideal way to launch something new and different that could be modern but still have the quality and functions of normal items. The idea was first used to attract young people, but it was soon evident that everyone showed an increased interest.

It was soon evident that square dinnerware had many advantages the company has not thought of before. They were stylish and different and added a modern note to the dining table, but that is not all. The shape is ideal for international cooking dishes such as Spanish paellas and omelettes and Asian kitchen. However, they are also functional. They store conveniently and require less space as their shape is more functional. They also have many forms. You can get square dinnerware that is really square and other that has rounded edges. Another thing you should know is that everyone that has used them agreed that they were less breakable. This is mainly due to the fact that you can hold them better than round items and therefore they slip less. All these advantages make them ideal for your kitchen and have made the items very popular.

Another thing you should know is that they have beautiful patterns. This is mainly due to the fact that that there is more free space to print the patterns. The items are beautiful and can last be used in every occasion. There are designs that are classic and other that are moderns but the truth is that the special holiday lines will certainly capture your attention. They have beautiful red and green colors and you can also get many coordinating items to go with them. You should also know that the line is complete and has square plates, servings, breakfast bowls, salad bowls, mugs, teapots and anything you need for your kitchen. There is no need for you to take special care of them. They are microwave, oven and freezer safe. You can also wash them in the dishwasher.…

Vinyl Tile Flooring – The Right Flooring For Your Home

One of the ways of decorating a floor these days is by using Vinyl tiles on the floor. They complement the overall beauty of the house. They are very suitable for interior decor especially for bathrooms and the kitchen. In the past tile or ceramic flooring was the predominant type used in many floors. Vinyl is a relatively new concept but it is less expensive than tile flooring. Vinyl floor installation does not require cement unlike tile flooring and can be easily done by anybody with some assistance.

The best choice for flooring while considering both durability and cost is Vinyl tiles. They are made up of a blend of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers that makes them to be moisture and scratch resistant. They come in a wide range of textures and colours to choose from and are stain resistant and easy to maintain.

Another excellent feature of Vinyl is that it is resistant to acids, alkaline and aliphatic hydrocarbons corrosion. You will not worry about such chemical spills. It is advisable to consult an interior decorator so that you can establish the right colour and texture for your home. You can browse and view the wide collection of tiles available in different outlets. This will enable you to choose the right product at the comfort of your home.

Vinyl is pre-cut into various thicknesses so as to fit the usage of a floor. This is important for floors that are trodden on by many feet. These tiles are also easily cut into one foot long squares and then installed on a floor using adhesive after which they are waxed so as to minimize scratches and dirt retention. There are two types of vinyl flooring. These are:

Inlaid flooring. These integrate colours in a sheet which makes them more eye-catching and radiant.

Printed floor. They have printed and coloured inks.

Both of these designs can fit any type of floor in a home. This enables homeowners to choose according to preferences and suitability. Backing is also done on vinyl floor covering so as to enhance resistance to accumulation of mildew and moisture. Vinyl floors are easily replaced. In addition individual tiles can be removed and replaced in less time as compared to ceramic tiles or pavers.

Vinyl floors are also installed over old flooring with ease. However, this depends on the smoothness of the old floors. They are also suitable for homes that have areas that are elevated like door jambs or irremovable appliances. It is easy to negotiate round them using vinyl. The floor is an important part of the home and the choice of flooring is important so as to enhance the overall appearance and value of the home.

The application of the adhesive used during the installation of vinyl floors does not require any technical expertise. It can be done as a DIY project which can be completed within 48hrs. A vinyl floor mimics the appearance of stone or ceramic tiles which is achieved at a lesser …

Humble Design of Dining Table has Been Lifted by the Designers to a Great Level

In this piece of writing we will tell you about the basic furniture for the dining room or meal time furniture.

A dining table is the only furniture in a house which unites all the family members. So it should be humble as well as comfortable to those who use it. There are number of types of frames of dining table which are available in the market but in all of them the basic structure or idea is same. These dining tables have been one of the most important somekeyword since ages. Since number of years people like to keep such dining table at their small houses because they create love and respect in the hearts of the people of one family. y.

But the dining table they used was very basic and now the things have become more organized, people has started stepping or moving towards more luxurious home furniture sets. Dining table is one of the symbols of the meal time and family gathering point. In market there are number of marvelous designs of dining table are available which one can buy for their house and enjoy food with their family and kids or friends. Now it is one of the best ways to take food comfortably with all the family members.

The carpenters or manufacturers who make furniture for the dining room have come up with number of designs of dining table which are really very attractive and offers great looks to your dining room. These new designs also have great style also they offer great comfort to the people who take dinner on them. One can buy those which have glass top or wooden top or top made up of some special material from one of the somekeyword near their home.

One can also get the customized dining table if he or she has some special design in their mind then they can call any of the carpenter at their place and ask him to make design of their own choice. This option has opened a very great range of creativity and one get very good design after implementing all his or her designs in their dining table. Nowadays a dining table is no longer a case of dining it has grown up as symbol of pride and style. The design of a humble dining table has been lifted up by the designers of the new era and they have made it a piece of great pride and honor.…

Get The Sofa Set Of Your Dreams

It is a well known fact that a sofa set is the heart of the living room. This piece of furniture is one of the most important furniture of the home or office. This article takes up a huge place in the lives of people.
A lot of time is spent by people in the living room. The importance of a good living space in a household does not need to be mentioned. Whenever people visit a home of their friend or relative, they spend most of their time in the living room. It is here where people hold hearty conversations, take part in important discussions, make important deals and decisions and spend some time reading the newspaper. It is customary for many people to spend some time on their sofa sets in the morning while they read the newspaper. If one looks closely, it is on this piece of furniture that people spend most of their time on. When relatives and friends come to visit, people most commonly convene in their living rooms.
Normally, people judge the homes of others by their living rooms. And a lot of this judgement is based on the sofas. Hence, people often make it point to obtain the most comfortable sofas which they can afford. Sofas which find their place in the domestic plane can be of thousands of different types. There are numerous styles of sofas which are in the world today. These sofas had first come into existence around two hundred years ago. Since then, it is understandable that the sofa has gone through some considerable changes.
These changes have occurred in different aspects. Although people still favour old world designs for their sofa sets, the materials and quality has changed significantly. There a number of different materials which can be used in order to construct the sofas. These materials vary in style, texture and each of these different materials can go into producing vastly different types of sofas. Some of the most popular materials which go into the making of somekeyword are leather, cotton and other synthetic materials. The modern sofa has evolved in such a way that these sofas can be multifunctional. The sofas can be converted into beds, recliners and divans and settees as and when the need arises. It is for this reason that people give a lot of thought and research before purchasing a sofa.…

Outdoor Rugs A Beautiful Addition To Outside Design

It may not come easy if you desire to redesign your house with only just an ample amount of budget. Thinking about your real desire for that specific setting and what you intend to achieve for the area can help you choose the best accessory to add up. So when adorning your veranda, best to accessorize it with some beautiful and unique somekeyword. Having the rugs will not only offer an attractive extension of your interior decor to the outside area but could also protect your porch floor from scratches, food or liquid stains and weather damage. The versatility and high quality production of these mats enable them to be situated wherever you want.

Just before buying such rugs, it would be best for you to ascertain first what colors, designs, materials, and sizes of it you intend to have. Since these accessories come in numerous designs, the first thing that you need to think about is the style that can easily complement with your outdoor living place. Also, make sure that these rugs would not function as a competition to other features or decors in your house instead, make sure that these rugs will complement. If you are planning to make these rugs as your main exterior decor, then better pick the ones that are of bold designs. But as much as possible, never forget to consider using these rugs in your house interiors.

As always, keep in mind that determining the size of the particular area wherein you would put your outdoor rugs is highly important. This is very important since you do not want to situate accessories which would look tiny in a big place or that could cover the whole floor area due to huge size. For a better selection of rugs to get, measure first the dimensions of your exterior area. Always go for those mats that are approximately 3 inches smaller on all sides than the surface area this is to give a border around the rugs. This would also give you easy access when you have to clean underneath the carpet.

These accessories are now available in several patterns and prints which make them prettier, more luxurious to be utilized in any area. The great looks of the rugs may even let you consider of bringing them inside your house for your room, kitchen, kid’s room or some other high-traffic places. For whatever preference you have in mind, there are carpet designs which could fit your taste ranging from the animal printed, floral, geometric and bordered. To be more adventurous in your exterior decors, you can try having mats in other shapes apart from the usual rectangular such as circular, oval, square and octagon. Considering thicker sorts of outdoor rugs would be great to create a softer and cushioned feeling every time you step onto them. Most indoor outdoor rugs are made from various kinds of fabrics just like polyester, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene. The materials of these carpets enable them to resist …

Case Studies Looking At Successes Of Carpet Tiles In Public Spaces.

Carpet tiles in public spaces need to address a large range of issues in terms of their function, budget and maintenance. Carpet tiles are the new cost-effective answer to somekeyword in a range of sectors where flooring is a high-value investment by businesses, schools, and the health care industries.

Some case studies explain the design options carpet tiles can provide:

Monash University

Australia’s famous somekeyword is a big place. The university needed a large surface area of carpet coverage, on all campuses. Its economic needs for a flooring upgrade included a reliable budget, efficient installation, and a good product lifespan. Monash is also a deeply environmentally conscious institution, and environmental credentials were a natural issue in such a large project.

Getting the right carpeting, across multiple architectural design types and incorporating multiple functional building roles, required highly adaptable, versatile flooring. The solution was to use three different types of carpet tiling with a “cradle to grave” carbon footprint analysis of each type. Carpet tiles of this type are very easy to install, and easy to maintain and replace when required, creating a built-in cost saving over product life.


somekeyword in Sydney required six different “village” motifs for interconnected working areas. The need was to match a strong ultra-modern office design, while creating unique elements for each work area. The Optus building is a big place, and naturally lent itself to an adventurous design motif.

The solution was to use multiple different carpet tile motifs, each producing a colour and tone theme for the individual work areas. Optus HQ contains a lot of open space, with very high quality architectural design and excellent light which naturally lends itself to colour and style.

Adelaide Airport

somekeyword needed a good design combined with durability and easy maintenance, and also wanted environmentally sound materials, as part of its ongoing commitment to green technology. Flooring costs and maintenance were also natural considerations. It was also necessary from a functional perspective to provide location cues for sight-impaired people, and create distinct navigational aids for people to find their way around the airport.

The decision was to have two types of customised modular carpet tiles with very heavy-duty fibre, using the seamless joins which are a design feature of modular carpeting. This carpet is easy to maintain in-house by airport maintenance staff, and the tiles can be easily replaced if required.

Falcon E-Library

The somekeyword in Mandurah, Western Australia is a multi-role, modern library with distinct functional needs. The library wanted long-life, durable flooring with inspirational designs, with three distinct design areas. The library also needed anti-soiling technology and anti-microbial carpets, real essentials in public space areas for health, aesthetic, and practical maintenance.

The library chose a mix of quite different design styles, with strong textural and light elements for each area. The sustainable carpet tiles are the latest in modern carpet design, including a range of textures. They’re popular choices in public spaces for their reliability and depth of design concepts.

As you can see, …