Need Anklet Inspiration? Visit This Website

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are common jewelry choices. The anklet or ankle bracelet is seen less often. Obviously, the location of an anklet makes it much harder to see and appreciate unless the wearer bares their lower legs. Many women forget about anklets because there are so many occasions when they would not show. Here is how to wear this simple but appealing fashion accessory.

Add Surprise Glamour

Wear an ankle bracelet under long pants for a glittery surprise when sitting. The bracelet will become visible as the pant leg rises. Avoid wearing socks or at least any sock that pulls up over the ankle. Choose something with a little glitter for formal outfits. A plain chain or anklet with a small charm will work well with jeans and sneakers. To see how beautiful an accessory this simple can look, visit this website.

Avoid Other Distractions

Anklets look best when worn against bare skin. If worn over tights or pantyhose, the anklet could snag the material. Do not wear shoes with ankle straps with an ankle bracelet because the strap will make the bracelet impossible to see.

Choose Appropriate Designs

Reserve beaded or string ankle bracelets for the beach or barbecues. Dainty metal anklets with or without charms or with small gemstones are perfect to wear with flowing skirts, shorts, or jeans. Multiple ankle bracelets on one ankle and anklets on both ankles add an even bigger visual impact. Each will also look great with a variety of shoes including athletic shoes, flats, and sandals. Larger anklets with chainlink patterns or rows of flashy gems are the right choice for a short dress and heels.

Anklets have been an accessory for centuries in cultures all around the world. The jewelry style is one that continues to come back into fashion for trendsetters and is an all-time favorite for many bohemians and beach worshipers that would feel bare without one. The resurgence in the popularity of anklets has made it easy for everyone to find the design that suits their personality and compliments their wardrobe. To find a stunning anklet, visit this website.