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Now is the right time to travel to Europe!

Have you been thinking about taking a European Vacation? It looks like it’s about time to book those tickets! The surging dollar is revealing that the vacation to Europe you’ve been dreaming about, will be less expensive than it has been in years!

The dollar goes a long way in Europe. In January the euro fell to its lowest level against the U.S dollar in nine years. But since then, the dollar has only grown stronger. What does this mean for you? Prices of hotels have gone down significantly compared to the last few years. Thank you currency fluctuations! Matter of fact, just about all your ground expenses- restaurants, tours, shopping- in Europe will be a bit lighter on your wallet.

But where to? Choose your location wisely. What does Paris and Venice have in common? They are among Europe’s most expensive cities to visit. Yes, it will cost you less to visit now compared to previous years, but why not try some where new? Go for a country that’s already on the affordable side. Somewhere like Latvia, Lithuania or even Slovakia!

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Shocking Your Child with the Trip of Her Life

When organizing surprises for your daughter, you could wish to consider taking the girl on the trip of her lifetime. It can be hard surprising your teenage girl, nonetheless. There are a variety of ways you’ll be able to tell her about her holiday, which can be a part of the enjoyment. Obtain a selection of balloons and then write information regarding the journey on each and every balloon. Wrap the balloons in a container. When your daughter opens the box, these balloons will float up in the room. Your little girl subsequently needs to organize the balloons to discover what they say and that’s exactly how she’ll find out you plan to take her on a trip. You may also decide upon a scavenger search. Place different indications in the house and guide your daughter to discover what she is receiving and where she is going. This is often thrilling as you can use attractions originating from a location you chose. Another option will be to dispatch your daughter a letter or perhaps postcards that reveal where she will be travelling. Kids like to have mail, even those people who are teenagers. Needless to say, you may have a concept night. Organize meals utilizing dishes from the region where you’re taking her and see a film that includes this location. Be creative and plan an enjoyable surprise. Your child deserves absolutely nothing less. …