3 Ways to Keep in Shape with Your Small Dog

Just like humans, dogs need exercise to stay in shape, lose weight, and get healthy. Lack of exercise can lead to problems due to weight that humans experience, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can get active with your dog by your side.

Running with a Stroller

Don’t worry if you or your dogs aren’t exactly able to run, walking is great too. Walking or running is just a simple way to get out and burn some calories. Take a walk around the block, to your favorite destination, or find a dog park where you and your pet have room to run freely. Just a few minutes can make all the difference in your health. Be careful not to run during the hottest times of the day, as some breeds are easily overheated due to their inability to sweat. If your dog can’t keep up, dog jogging strollers allow you to take your dog with your on a run of your own.

Swimming in the Summer

On hot and humid days, swimming is ideal for staying cool while being active. As an added bonus, the water resistance will help you build muscle and stay active for a longer period of time. Keeping watch of your dog is important if you plan to swim with it, especially if it has not yet mastered the doggy paddle. Swimming lessons is an option, but if that’s not available in your area, either be sure to do light swimming on your end in order to watch your dog better, or bring someone along with you to do the job so you can get more active. If you have a pool, your dog may enjoy the water too.

Sports with Your Dog

Competition is a motivator in the sports world, and that hold true with dogs as well. There are many sports to try, such as the classic Frisbee and soccer. Although certainly more relaxed than their human counterparts, these games still hold the amount of physical activity that will benefit you. You can play them with other pets and owners or even in your own backyard.

These are just a few of the ways that you and your pet can get active and burn calories together. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as you’re out there having fun and strengthening your bond as owner and pet.